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What To Put On A Business Card For Networking?

The digital era has arrived, and networking is even more effective than before. However, in most cases, effective networking starts in face-to-face situations. And when you want to introduce yourself to someone professionally, there’s nothing better than a business card to do it. But what should you put on a business card for networking?

For networking, a business card should include your most important contact information: phone number, email, website, and social media. Since your main goal with this business card is to create new professional relations, you need to provide your prospects with many ways to contact you. 

However, one thing is to put the correct information on your business card, and another one is to make people contact you after giving them your business card. So, how can you do an effective business for networking? 

What To Put On A Business Card For Networking? (Effectively)

It is a fact that in today’s world, almost every company, professional, and entrepreneur have gone digital in many aspects of their business; among these aspects is the way they communicate, share data, and personal information. But there is an effective and professional way to present themselves that has not yet been lost and prevails: business cards. 

As time goes by, business cards are becoming more and more relevant and necessary in the corporate and business world, and how could they not be if they are one of the tools responsible for creating impactful first impressions. But in terms of information, below is the list of what we consider is essential.

Here’s what you can put on your networking business card.

  1. On the front of the card, the first thing that should stand out is your name and profession.
  2. It is crucial to put your phone number and email. Most professional relations develop through these mediums. 
  3. If you have a portfolio or a website, place the link with a call to action so they can see your work or learn a little more about you. 
  4. You can put your company’s logo or your work on the back of the card. If you don’t have a logo, consider adding one, so your business card doesn’t look empty.

So, after adding all your contact information, what can you do to make your business card create a powerful first impression that will make your prospects call you? The answer would be precisely that: adding something memorable to your business card. The good news is that there are many ways to do this.

Creating An Effective Business Card For Networking

You need to differentiate yourself from the rest to make people call you. Based on this, apart from making your business card informative, you can also lead the people who have it to take action. For example, what if you added a QR Code that sends people to your online portfolio, and right above the code, you add a phrase like “Be amazed by our work!”. Certainly, many people will, apart from knowing you, check your work; and that will increase the chances of you getting a call from them. 

Another thing you can do is to use special printing features like spot UV to highlight important information and make your business more memorable. At Japan Printing, we have many different business card styles and papers on our home page, where we show all the business cards we print in NYC. Which ship nationally and internationally, by the way! 

So now that you have a better idea about what to put on a business card for networking and making it an effective one, let’s now talk about their importance.

Why Are Business Cards For Networking Important?

The first reason why networking business cards are essential is that they allow you to share your contact information with others in your field. They are small and easy to distribute, making it easy to make an impression on your professional contacts. During job fairs, industry networking events, or interviews, you can hand them out if you’re looking for a new job or client. You can expand your professional network by handing out business cards at trade shows or social events. This will make a good impression on you and allow you to develop lasting relationships with your potential clients.

Make sure your business cards include all the necessary information so that your new contacts can contact you. The information contained in the card is just as important as the design. Your business card style and design should be unique and memorable so that your business card remains in the mind of the person who received it. 


Always carry some business cards with you, even when you’re not attending a job search event. Meeting valuable contacts can happen anywhere: at a party, on a trip, or any other social event. 

Extra Insight About What To Add To Your Business Card

Apart from adding all your information to your business card and making it effective, you might also want to consider the tips below:

  1. As I mentioned previously, your business card must have an elegant, attractive and modern design to be memorable and stay in the recipient’s mind. 
  2. The type of paper you select to print your business cards is just as important as the design, as it should represent your business. At Japan Printing, we can help you choose the right paper for your company and print your cards for you if you are not familiar with paper types.
  3. Keep your business cards always in good condition, clean, and without wrinkles. As we say here, the first impression always counts and is important, so your business cards must look good. 
  4. Do not put so much information on the card; the shorter you are, the better. Remember that the card should have direct contact information. 

And finally, after you have the perfect business card, when is the perfect time to hand it to someone?

When Should You Hand Out Your Business Card?

We all know that there are plenty of moments where you can hand out your business card, but if there’s something you need to make sure you don’t do is to leave without giving it. Before leaving an event or ending a conversation, hand out your business card and promise to stay in touch.

 It is common for people to reciprocate by offering their business cards as well, so something you can do if you want to provide your business card smoothly is to ask other people for their business card; that will create the perfect opportunity to exchange your contact information. 

Whether you’re attending a job fair, a professional networking event, or meeting with a contact one-on-one, it’s a good idea to have a career-focused business card to make it easier for people you meet to get in touch with you.

TIP 2:

Last but not least, a single business card may not be enough in some situations. Consider giving each new client or potential employer two business cards instead of one if they have many other contacts in your field. You can also ask them to provide the extra card to another colleague who wants to connect with you.

Keep things simple; remember that less is more, and a well-structured business card will allow you to convey the message of professionalism to all your potential clients.

And that would be all for this article. We hope your question about business cards for networking is answered now! If you have any questions or want to print business cards with us, you can email us at info@japanprint.com or call us at 212-406-2905, and one of our representatives will assist you. 

Stay safe!

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