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Spot UV Business Cards

Silk laminated business cards are a relatively new product offering that has gained a lot of traction over the last few years, particularly here in NYC. To add an extra dimension to these silk business cards, we are also able to apply spot UV gloss coating to specific portions of the business card. These business cards are know as spot UV business cards.

These business cards are very appealing because they offer a finish that could only be done with clear foil up until recently. For those who are familiar with any kind of foil stamping, they probably know how time consuming and expensive it can be. Spot UV gloss allows for a nearly identical finish without the cost and time typically associated with that effect.

There are many things that can be done with spot UV business cards. We’ve seen some excellent designs that utilize the spot gloss to outline a logo, but not actually print the logo with ink. This creates the effect of the logo overshadowing everything, but not being overwhelming. It is also very common for people to use spot uv gloss to highlight specific areas of text on a business card. For example, someone might put spot gloss over the company name only, this way it stands out a little more.

Despite the appeal of spot uv business cards, there are some limitations that must be considered. First, the spot uv gloss is not as durable as the silk laminated business cards. So when carrying these business cards, one should be aware that the spot gloss can rub off over time. This is particularly true if they are rubbed against each other, or if they are bent.

Another limitation of spot uv business cards would be the accuracy of the spot uv gloss itself. This accuracy is called registration in the print industry. When applying the spot uv gloss, the industry tolerance is 1/16 of an inch. This means if you plan on overlaying spot uv gloss over small text, it might miss the text to some extent. This technique should only be used if the text is large enough. Also, the target area for the spot uv should be slightly larger than the text itself.

Aside from those limitations, spot uv business cards are a really great effect that can help business cards stand out and look amazing. There are some technical factors that should be considered though. We invite anyone to stop in our NYC office for a cost free consultation on spot uv business cards. We have plenty of examples on hand that will help illustrate what is possible.

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