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Your Brain On Color: How Color Creates Your Brand


When you’re choosing a color for a logo or design, it’s important that you take careful measures to select wisely. One thing that can help you decide is to look into the meaning behind the colors you want to use. Basic colors can evoke certain feelings or thoughts and if those are the values of the brand you are promoting, then you know you are making the right choice!


This one is extremely popular among government offices and financial institutions since blue denotes integrity, authority, and professionalism. Blue is also the most used color in corporation logos, as it’s associated with success and those that are serious about what they do. If you think about it, blue also shows up in a lot of advertising having to do with cleanliness, peace, trust, and tranquility.


Orange is associated with approachability and gives off a fun or youthful feel. It’s widely associated with things that are modern or innovative since it expresses energy and excitement. Orange is also frequently used to show fire and warmth, as well as health related content.


Yellow is nearly always used for caution related signs, which is why you have to be careful which shade of it you use since the darker the yellow, the more it suggests warning or cowardice. Sticking to the lighter shades of yellow however will make you come across as happy, warm, or friendly. The sunny shades also give an optimistic vibe. Yellow is also thought to make you hungry… cheese anyone?


Did you ever notice how often red appears in food product labels and restaurant logos or marketing? Aside from stimulating the appetite, this is because using red implies a powerful nature and passionate energy, which is a smart move if you want to show how dedicated you are to what you do. Red also gives off a dynamic feel, but watch out because as it gets darker in depth, it can mean aggression or violence.


The first thing that comes to mind when we think of green is nature and the plants that are part of it. It’s literally called “greenery”! This is why companies always use green when they are looking to highlight that they are eco-friendly, natural, or organic. Green also denotes freshness, and suggests that your credentials are very ethical. Many financial brands opt to utilize green due to the color’s close association with money and affluence.

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