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Working from Home? 5 Simple Tips to Help You Stay Creative

Work From Home Tips

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many are working from home because of the safety measures that have been put in place to help stop the spread. Having the ability to telecommute used to be a dream for some, but now, that dream is a reality, and many are realizing that working from home is more complicated than they initially thought. Not going to an office every day disrupts the routine you were once used too, and for some, working from home offers more distractions. Distractions, when you are trying to do your work, can be debilitating, as it prevents you from getting your work done or can lower the quality of work. For a creative, this cannot happen if you want to keep your clients satisfied, and your job. Luckily, these useful work from home tips can help you keep the creative juices flowing.

Work From Home Tips: 5 Simple Ways to Stay Creative and Focused

1. Working in a well-lit area can help you stay alert and focused, so when you are finding a place to work, choose one with good lighting. Being in a well-lit area can help you remain alert and can help you’re your body awake. Proper lighting can be from a natural or artificial source, so choose your preference, or mix it up.

2. While you may have a fantastic work area set up, switching up your location from time to time is a great way to switch things up, and can help prevent stagnation. Even if it’s a communal workspace that you are trying out, switching up your workplace can introduce you to potential contacts, and may even help you find a burst of creativity. Taking your work outside can also help revive your creativity. Sometimes a change in scenery is all you need.

3. Listening to music while you work can help stir the creative pot, and can help cover up a noisy environment filled with sounds that are always trying to distract you. While this idea is subjective, since, for some people, this method may not work, finding calming and relaxing music can help you keep your head in the game.

4. Working on a computer all day can be taxing on both your mind and body. It is essential to take a break periodically and do something else, preferably things that don’t involve a screen. Tending to your garden, cooking, or even coloring is an excellent way to relax your brain by giving it something else to concentrate on.

5. Collaborating with another person is an excellent way to get an outsider perspective, and an outside opinion when you are in a creative funk. Sometimes coming up with ideas can be difficult, but by collaborating with others, you can have someone, or multiple people, to bounce ideas off of and give you another perspective. Sometimes talking it out is all you need.

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