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Why Exchanging Business Cards Is Not A Dying Practice


There has been a lot of buzz on the internet lately about how business cards themselves are becoming a dying practice. Many claim that with the push of the digital world and new smartphone apps, the handy, trusty business card will be soon to see it’s demise. We disagree however and here are four reasons why:

There’s Nothing Like Networking

It’s an inevitable fact that those who are business owners will be networking. Networking happens in a variety of situations and whether it be at a cocktail hour or local community event, the seasoned business owner knows to be armed and readyto make connections. In discussion, the person you are talking to may want to know more about what you do and simply telling them your website isn’t the most effective way to be remembered. What if they want to know where you are located or want to be able to call you in the future? The obvious solution is a clean, quick, and effective business card. Plus who wants to take the time to type dozens of people’s contact info into your phone, one by one? Not us!

Effective Referring

When you are a business that’s just starting out, one of the best sources of attaining new clients or customers is through referrals. There is no better form advertising than by word-of-mouth! People you have worked with in the past may request a few of your business cards to hand out to other potential clients, but if business cards go extinct, so too will word-of-mouth marketing. Plus, nothing gives someone more trust in doing business with you than someone confidently recommending your services.

Keeping Things Professional

When push comes to shove, let’s just admit that we all know someone is bound to ask you for your business card at one point or another. Whether they want your card to contact you about your services, to give to others, or just to keep for future reference, if you don’t have anything to give them it doesn’t look good for you or your business. Having business cards on hand is the best way to not only make a good impression on your new business contact, but also keep both you and your business looking professional.

The Brain Isn’t Digital

This isn’t the first time people have been betting on the death of business cards. With the rise of mobile and online services, many people think business cards are doomed to the same fate as print. If you look at the facts however, paper products such as greeting cards, gift cards, and business cards continually show industry growth. This is simply because our brains aren’t digital. Humans are tactile creatures and we like to be able to pick things up and put them someplace to save for later. We also like the personal factor that comes with being given a tangible object. This is just how our brains are wired, so until our brains becomes digital, it’s a safe bet that business cards are here to stay!

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