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Why Courier Companies Are Obsessed With Warm Colors

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Courier companies use different marketing mediums to attract businesses and individual customers to try out their services. One such method is to invest in a brilliant branding plan that the big wigs of the industry, such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL, have mastered to do. They not just spend millions of $$$ on advertisements but also invest on their custom logo design.

Ever noticed why courier companies are so obsessed with warm colors in their logos?

We, too, were curious to know about this methodology for having a perfect professional logo design so we did some digging and found few interesting facts about their color choice. Come, let us share the possible motivations to unriddle this obsession with red, yellow, green and various of their gradients and shades in a courier company’s custom logo design.

Color Psychology In Branding!

We don’t live in a mute world with black and white effects! Everywhere you see, you’ll discover the artistry of Mother Nature that impacts on our mood, too. The interesting fact about colors is that they develop a special connection with our consciousness that make them an essential for branding and marketing experts.

Red, blue, yellow, green and so on! Each color has different emotional connection with human brain which you must use carefully to achieve your marketing goals.

Look at different colors and you’ll start feeling differently about them, about you, and your thought process. Marketers use colors very strategically to get noticed and invite you to try their products. Designers…they simply borrow this color psychology rule to infuse the right emotion in the logo design.

Why Warm Colors

This was a general overview of color psychology that’s quite popular amongst brand experts and marketers.

But why exactly warm colors are the darling of courier companies?!!!

One of the reasons mentioned below could be the perfect answer for this!

Trust – Courier companies spend on their marketing campaigns to achieve different objectives and one of them is to gain customer’s trust. Warm colors such as yellow serve this purpose very beautifully by infusing the element of trust in customer’s mind via the company’s logo design.

Speed– One of the prime reasons that people use a courier services around the world is because of fast commute of their packages. Now, in order to display the swiftness in their service standards, courier companies rely on color red that is associated for speed. One fine example could be of DHL that has this color in its company name.

Optimism– Speaking of warm colors, there’s one particular service standards that these courier companies love to flaunt i.e. optimism. They, again, take help of yellow color to display their positive, optimistic side with the world such as Deutsche Post that has yellow color in its background. By adding yellow, they make themselves open to new ideas and retain the trust of their customers by portraying their services as a contemporary solution, too.

Power– One of the possible reasons, for courier companies, to use color red in their logo is to associate themselves with power. Many big names such as FedEx, Aramex, and DPD have red in their professional logo design that shows their authority over their competitors via the logo design.

Affordability– Some warm colors, such as orange, are used in custom logo designs (of courier companies, of course) to relate their services with affordability. TNT Express is one such company that has orange in their logo and claims to the prime choice of their customers due to ideal pricing.

Comment below and let us know about your interesting findings about courier company’s strange but effect color selection patterns for their logo design.

Written by James Warner.

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