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Where to Distribute Your Business Cards in NYC

Distribute Your Business Cards

Business cards are an excellent way to make a personal connection, all while connecting with people in a traditional way. By placing your business cards strategically, you can increase your chances of a potential customer seeing your card. Since printing business cards is relatively cheap, you can distribute thousands of cards in areas that you target, and increase your brand awareness with minimal investment. In addition, increased brand awareness can also help you earn more business.

Remember to leave your business cards in places that is relevant to your target audience; you will want to leave them in an area that a potential customer is likely to see them. Are you looking for new ways to distribute your business cards? If so, check out our list of places you should be leaving your business cards in NYC.

1. At the library
2. On a bus or subway seat
3. At a hotel, in hotel card racks
4. Place on any public bulletin boards
5. In restrooms
6. On the Chamber of Commerce’s card rack
7. In a taxi
8. At the ice cream shop
9. At the community center
10. At the park
11. At your city’s visitor center
12. At a bar
13. At trade show booths
14. At a college
15. At the checkout line
16. At a doctor’s office
17. At the supermarket
18. At the bookstore
19. At the gas station
20. At a bus stop or a bus station
21. At the gym
22. Give them out to your friends and family, this way they can hand them out for you
23. At the airport
24. At the barber
25. At a restaurant
26. At a coffee shop
27. At the mall
28. At an art gallery
29. At the bank
30. At any non-competing businesses (make sure they share your target audience)
31. If you sell an item, include your business card
32. Place in all sales letters
33. Place with an invoice
34. If it’s legal where you live, place under windshield wipers
35. Turn your business card into a bookmark and leave inside books

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