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What Will Replace Business Cards? 2022

It’s easy to overlooIn today’s world, technology is everywhere. As a result, the way we communicate with people, buy things, and interact with the world changed tremendously. Judging by the way we consume information, it looks like printed materials are starting to be a thing of the past. And seeing all these changes makes us wonder, what will replace business cards? 2022

Digital business cards will likely replace business cards as technological improvements develop and people get more used to them. Business cards will be replaced by another business card version, but not for a completely different concept, at least not in the next couple of years. 

So now that we know that digital business cards will likely replace physical business cards, does that mean that we should stop buying business cards from now on? Because let’s be honest, how many people have you seen using digital business cards in your day-to-day life? Probably not the majority. 

In this blog post, we talk about all the ins and outs of digital and physical business cards, when to switch, when to own both versions, and more. 

What Can Replace Business Cards?

As we stated at the beginning of the blog, the most likely candidate to replace physical business cards are digital business cards, but that will only happen when they find a solution for the problem of people forgetting they added your contact information. So let me go further into this. When you hand out a business card, most people will store it in their wallet, which creates the perfect situation because you know one day those people will find your business card again and increase the possibilities of them calling you. Whereas with digital business cards, most of them create a contact on their phone so that people can save it easily. However, most people won’t go through all their contacts to remember who they talked to at any given time, and they might forget about you eventually. So, as convenient as digital business cards may sound, they might not be the most effective way to make someone remember you or your business. 

Does this mean digital business cards are a bad option? Absolutely not. In fact, we advise you to have any many means of communication as possible, so if you can have physical and digital business cards at the same time, your chances of getting high-quality leads will increase a lot.

Tip: In business, it is important to remember that everyone will have different opinions about anything. Some people will think about digital business cards and say it is the worst idea ever, and others will think it is the best idea ever. If you think there is a chance for your potential customers to like or dislike physical or digital business cards, consider having both and being ready for any business scenario.

When Will Business Cards Be Replaced?

In today’s world, physical business cards are one of the things most businesses consider essential. Japan Printing has been printing business cards and much more other printing products for more than 50 years, and we can tell you that hundreds of thousands of businesses print business cards as soon as they run out of them. Business cards have been in the professional market for so long that they have become something you would always expect someone to have. So, considering that business cards have such a strong presence in today’s world, when will business cards be replaced? 

Physical business cards will likely be replaced when younger generations start believing they aren’t worth it anymore, which means that all generations that think they are still essential not to be part of the professional market anymore. If many people think physical business cards are important and you don’t have any, you may lose a lot of clients.

If we had to estimate when something like this would happen, we would say we still need around 80-150 years for business cards to be considered something of the past. 

Are Business Cards A Thing Of The Past?

Business cards aren’t a thing of the past. Millions of businesses and people worldwide use them in their daily lives to network and connect with new clients. Business cards are a thing of the present, but they have definitely stopped being as present as they were before. I’ll explain. Before, business cards were the most efficient way to give your contact information to anybody, and most marketing efforts required people to be physically present so you could interact with them. Nowadays, things are very different. Business cards are still very efficient at sharing professional information about your business or services. However, you can also do that through social media, a website, an ad on YouTube or any other platform, etc. It is easy to think that since there are so many communication tools available now, business cards aren’t relevant anymore, but they are still very relevant. 

Are Business Cards Still Relevant in 2022?

If you have seen a business card this year, you will know business cards are still relevant in 2022. In fact, many printing companies were afraid that business cards would stop being relevant due to the pandemic because every meeting was online, and businesses stopped buying business cards. However, now that things are coming back to normal, we have seen a lot of companies printing business cards much more than ever before. There are hundreds of opinions online as to why businesses started to focus so much on printing materials again. The one that most resonates with us is that many people want to interact with people personally. Consequently, business cards are something you must have when in face-to-face situations. 

We actually wrote an entire article that goes into much more in detail about how business cards are relevant, how business cards will stay relevant in the future, and much more about the topic. You can visit the blog by clicking here.

Lastly, we would like to address a question that a lot of entrepreneurs have right before buying business cards for their business.

Do Business Cards Actually Work?

Depending on how you use your business cards, they could or not work for you. What is true is that there 100% work if you use them right; if it weren’t like that, you wouldn’t see thousands of companies printing business cards every day. So, if you’re worried about business cards working out for you, use the two questions below to identify what you need from them and find out the best business card design and options for you. 

1- Will you hand your business cards to specific people, or will you put them everywhere?

  • Suppose you will hand your business cards to specific people, to people you meet in person, for example. In that case, you need to focus on quality and a good design because the number of prospects is limited. Also, your business cards would focus more on you than your services.
  • On the other hand, if your plan is to hand out as many business cards as possible, you need to focus on readability and cost-effectiveness because your main goal here is to reach as many people as possible. In this case, a business card that is more focused on the services you offer is more suitable.

2- Does your business card have a call to action?

  • If you want people to interact with your business card, your business, and yourself, you need to add a call to action to your business card. For example, if you add a QR code saying “See my work!”, people will likely do it, and that will increase your chances of getting leads. Of course, nothing of this is 100% necessary. People just need your number to call you if you make a great impression.  

Also, we have plenty of business card tips and things you can do to make the best out of them. 

That would be all for this blog. And we hope you the best at picking a good printing company for your next business cards!

If you still have other questions related to this, you can continue reading our blogs or reach out to us. 

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