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The Different Ways to Use Postcards to Market Your Business

Ways to Use Postcards to Market Your Business NYC

While online marketing is imperative, you can’t discredit good ol’ print marketing techniques. While the face of marketing is continually changing, some things last for the long haul, especially tried and true methods, such as print. We are not telling you to ditch your SEO efforts or on your online marketing campaigns, as these methods are necessary, but it’s essential to use some “older” practices still as well. Not everyone owns a computer, and not everyone is computer savvy and up to date on the newest technology. Maybe they don’t check their email often because they are too busy or their inbox fills up so quickly. Email blasts can quickly get lost in the ‘crowd.’ Due to this, allocating some of your budget for print marketing materials is imperative. One attractive and personalized way is to use postcards to market your business.

For your business, make sure you use a mixed marketing strategy, using both digital and print methods. Using postcards for your marketing campaign is a popular and successful way to build your business and brand. To help you launch a successful marketing strategy, learn more about the different ways to use postcards to market your business.

As a Personal Reminder– Using postcards is an attractive and personal way to remind your potential and current customers/clients about events, exclusive deals or occasions, business changes, new services/products, and upcoming appointments.

To Give Incentive– If you are looking for a way to boost sales and bring people in the door, you can use postcards for advertising a discounted/free service or product. If you want to track your ROI, make sure you require the customer to bring in the postcard or utilize a coupon code that’s listed on the postcard to receive the offer.

As Advertisement- Using postcards to advertise your business can be better than email marketing because not everyone checks or reads all of their emails. While a postcard, especially a well-designed one can grab a person’s eye and allows your audience to hold and feel the postcard physically. This can bring in new customers, especially if you strategically place your postcards in public venues/places.

Special Offers and Sales– Having a big blowout sale and want to advertise the sale? Want to bring inactive customers back and make them an active customer once again? Well, you can use postcards for advertising discounts, special offers, and sales to both new and inactive customers. This is an excellent way to entice both new and old customers, with a personal touch.

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