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Vertical vs. Horizontal Business Cards: The Pros and Cons

Vertical vs. Horizontal Business Cards

If you’re in the market for new business cards, you may be wanting to change it up a bit from a horizontal business card to a vertical layout. Before you make any final decisions, though, it is important to weigh out your options. For this reason, here are the pros and cons of vertical vs. horizontal business cards.

Horizontal Business Cards

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As the standard layout, horizontal business cards fit properly in holders and racks. Additionally, there is something comforting about sticking with normal. People won’t question it and there’s almost a guarantee that a recipient will respond favorably to it.


The aspect of being standard is a double-edged sword. Staying inside of the box of a horizontal business card can represent boredom and complacency, both of which are not qualities you want to convey in a professional setting. In order to make your business card stand out, you will need to focus on other aspects to channel your creativity.

Vertical Business Cards

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Vertical business cards are unconventional and a sure way to make your company stand out. Today, business cards are more than just a piece of cardstock with information. In many ways, they are also a marketing tool and a creative way to represent yourself professionally. Handing out vertical business cards will help other professionals remember your business and inspire action. From a design perspective, short bits of information will fit well in a vertical layout. It is also conducive to listing information or including a vertically oriented logo.


The stray away from the standard may put people off from your business. Change, no matter how small, is not always viewed favorably. Also, with a vertical design, these business cards may not fit properly in business card holders. It is additionally important to consider if any of the information you want to include has a long name or title, for it may not fit properly in vertical dimensions. If you are planning to design cards for everyone in your company, be sure that each member of your team has a name the will fit within the width of a vertical business card.

Which is Better?

Ultimately, the decision must be made based on the purpose you’re trying to convey with your business card and the audience you plan to address. Because both have their pros and cons, you must determine your priorities as a business professional.

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