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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Digital Artists

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Digital Artists

Do you have a digital artist in your life that you love and cherish? Do you find yourself having issues finding the perfect gift for him or her? With Valentine’s Day around the bend, you may be scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. When that special someone is a digital artist, the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of candy and flowers are not going to cut it. Show the digital artist and designer in your life how much you love and appreciate them by giving them a gift that really feeds their obsession; not just any old Valentine’s Day gift.

In order to help you get out of a creative slump, check out these Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are specifically geared for that special digital artist in your life.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Digital Artists1. Magazine Subscription

Digital design is a rapidly changing field, and there is no better way for your loved one to stay up to date than by having a magazine subscription. Art and design magazines cover the latest news and trends, and can be an excellent source of inspiration. When an artist hits a creative roadblock, these magazines can come to the rescue. Subscriptions to magazines such as Print Magazine, Layers Magazine, Web Designer, .Net, I.D., and Digital Arts are just some of the informative subscriptions available.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Digital Artists2. Laptop Protection

If your sweetie totes around a laptop, surprise them with a trendy case that will protect their investment, and their lively hood. You can get them a protective laptop shell, a carrying case – or both! A carrying case is excellent if they are always on the go, and they bring their laptop with them everywhere. If they are more stationary, a laptop cover could serve useful. Not only do they come in many different colors and styles to fit any taste, they can also help protect the computer from an accidental fall.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Digital Artists3. Sketchbook

Go back to the basics with a sketchbook – as this is a simple, traditional piece of ‘equipment’ that artists cannot live without. Artists often have a sketchpad on hand to jot down notes when they have a flash of creative inspiration. It also allows them to sketch out ideas and prototypes. Sketchbooks come in a variety of colors and sizes, but if your Valentine is always on the go, you may want to get them a sketchpad that can easily fit inside their pocket or bag.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Digital Artists4. Technology Hardware and Accessories

There are plenty of technology add-ons available that are sure to help a digital artist with their workflow, and not all of them are expensive! Backup battery packs are useful if your designer travels a lot or works out of the house. In addition, digital ‘smart’ notebooks, Pantone color scanners, memory cards, digital sketch pens, digital sketch/graphic tablets, display tablets, Smartphone handsets, scanners, printers, 3D printing pens, as well as new design software are all available for purchase. Believe us when we tell you that geeks love new digital ‘toys’!

Valentine Gift Ideas for Digital Artists5. Fun Technology Knick Knacks

There are a lot of fun novelty trinkets available that can easily run off the computer’s USB port. Some are meant to be just for fun, while others have much more practical use. Often times, digital artists spend a good chunk of their day in front of their machine, so give them something that they can use and enjoy, and can make them smile. You can purchase USB mug warmers, hubs, mini refrigerators, docking stations, clocks, humidifiers, speakers, lights, foot warmers, and much more. There are plenty of fun and useful USB knick knacks to choose from!

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