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The Many Faces of Business Cards

Types of Business Cards

Today we live in a digital world, filled with technology that is continually multiplying. Change is the name of the game. Even the way we network has changed thanks to social media. However, despite the influx of technology and social media, face-to-face networking events and meetings are still prevalent within business relationships. Within this context, business cards are still king and can help you make an excellent first impression on a potential business connect. There’s something to be said for having something physical to put out on a table, or hand to another person. It’s essential to be remembered, especially in the business world, so having a physical reminder to hand out is an excellent way to stand out in a person’s mind. However, there are different types of business cards so it can be challenging to choose which one to use.

There are many different styles and types of business cards to consider. Each one is sure to impress future clients and employers, but it can be overwhelming to choose. Learn more about the different types of business cards you can choose when designing your business card.

The Standard Card

You can’t go wrong with this card. The standard business card is versatile, efficient, and straightforward. With no complicated designs or graphics, this is the safe option to choose if you don’t want anything extravagant. The standard card is usually not expensive to print and is great if you just want to give the needed details, with no extras. A standard business card is typically printed on non-coated paper, with no embossing. The card is standard size, and rectangular in shape. Usually, the color is cream or white on one side, with the company’s primary color on the other side. Most other types of business cards will follow a lot of the same standards of this business card.

The Matte Business Card

Just like the standard business card, when you use a matte business card, you don’t need to go heavy on the design aspect. The matte finish will give your business card a professional look and feel. Many find that the matte finish feels like silk or satin, so it makes a clear statement about the quality of your business. The matte business card uses a lot of the same standards as the standard business card, but your shape should be in line with your brand.

The Embossed Business Card

If you are looking for your business card to have a striking feel and look to it, then you should go for the embossed design. An embossed business card will give your business card a highly professional and premium look. With embossing, you can highlight the essential elements of your design and can add some weight and class to your card. The look is quite eye-catching and will certainly make an impression, helping you stand out from the crowd.

The Foil Printed Business Card

When you don’t want to rely on an intricate design or logo to make your business card pop, using the foil print technique can help give you the results you are looking for. Your card could consist of just one color, but by making the main typography or logo enhanced by this printing technique, you can add some nice shiny texture to your business card. With this technique, a heated die is used to press colored foil into the card paper, giving the business card an elegant and striking look and feel.

The Glossy Business Card (Spot UV/Varnish)

If you want your business card to be out of the ordinary, you may want to consider having a glossy effect on your business card. Having a glossy finish can help give your business card a luxurious and vibrant look, helping the details pop out on your card. Plus, glossy cards are generally more durable. While you can print on glossy paper, a varnish finish is also available. Satin, matte and gloss varnishes are available as a finish for your card and can give your card that shiny coat. Spot UV is also another option, but through this finish, only certain parts or areas are made to appear glossy.

The Die/Laser Cut Business Card

Not all business cards are treated the same, so they don’t always have to follow the standard business card design. Making your business card look unique and unconventional is a great way to stand out and make an impression with your audience. With the help of a laser, business cards can be cut into different shapes, both on the inside and outside of the card. It’s no surprise that die-cutting has become a popular choice for many designers. With a card that looks this good, who could throw it out?

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