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Top Trends in Business Card Design NYC

The purpose of a business card is about making a meaningful first impression. Whether you are designing your first business cards or looking to give your current ones a makeover, getting ahead on design trends will set your business card apart from the others. These are the top trends in business card design NYC.

Large Photographs

photography business cards

Large photos clearly define the mood of your business card. They are eye-catching and interesting, which attracts desire for your services and products. Photographs can take up a portion of your card or fill the entire background, depending on what else you want to include.


raised ink textured business cards

On the other hand, a minimal, no-nonsense approach will never go out of style. You don’t need loads of graphics to drive interest in your business card, and subsequently your business. Sometimes, all you have to include is a logo and contact information.

Painted Edges

edge painted letterpress business cards nyc

With a canvas so small, it is important to make every detail count in business card design NYC. Painted edges of a business card is a way to literally go outside of the box with your attention to detail.



When you hand out your business cards, one of the last things people will expect is a compact folder of information. It’s interesting, unexpected, and functional.

Bold Illustration

vertical unique business cards

A bold and unique illustration the represents your brand is a great way to catch the eye of a potential customer or business partner.

Metallic Text

thick raised ink business cards

Typography gets taken to the next level with metallic overlay. Add a touch of elegance to your brand with this simple, yet effective design trend.


business card paper types

Monochromatic design such as black on black is another trend to add elegance and sleekness to the feel of your brand.

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