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With Korea quickly becoming a hub for Asian industrial development, more and more people are taking interest in Korea. Prominent Electronic companies and automotive companies are gaining worldwide market share, and opportunities are presenting themselves very rapidly in Korea. We offer professional grade Korean translation services for both business cards and documents that will help you establish yourself in Korea. We specialize in Korean Translation, Typesetting, and Printing, which makes us a unique one-stop-shop for Korean document translation services.

Our Korean document translators are court certified and have many years of experience with translation. Our Korean translators help our customers rest assured that their desired message is being communicated correctly. When translating a document into Korean, it’s important that the translations are correct both in grammar and context. This is something that is frequently overlooked by non-professionals.

Just like with any language, there are certain Korean words that have different meanings based on context. This can become a problem when people try to handle the translation on their own using free online translators. In almost every instance, there are grammar errors, or miscommunications as a result. These mishaps can be very embarrassing. All languages evolve with time and Korean is no exception. All of our Korean document translators are also native speakers of the language. This means that Korean is their first language. This is a fact that certainly helps with reliability and correctness in context.

With many Korean multilingual printers there are lengthy turnaround times. We value speed and accuracy in not only our translation, but with any of the multitude of services we provide. We operate in a very timely manner from Korean translation to Korean typesetting and Korean printing of business cards and documents. As with all of our services, we make it a point to maintain reasonable rates for our Korean multilingual printing services.

Located in the financial district of NYC, Japan Printing and Graphics have some of the best distribution resources as a printer at its disposal. Servicing the entire country and not just the New York area, we provide efficient service nationwide.

Contact us today at 212-406-2905, or email at info@japanprint.com for more information!

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