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Top 5 Schmoozing Spots In NYC

The Big Apple: Where business is social and social is business. That’s why networking and face-time are key to finding real success in your business. “Ninety percent of all jobs are about fit,” says Trudy Steinfeld, executive director of NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development. “The only way people figure this out is by meeting with you face-to-face.”

Here are 5 places to schmooze around in New York City.

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1. NY Tech Meet Up

Start-ups, tech companies, entrepreneurs, and investors – NY Tech Meet Up is where the magic happens. It is one of the largest tech meet up organizations in the entire world. The website says it best: “NYTM is a community-led organization supported by its members, who range from students banging out code in their dorm rooms, to entrepreneurs looking to become the next Steve Jobs, to investors in search of the next big thing, to established CEOs at some of New York’s top companies.”

2. NYCTechBreakfast

Here’s another must-attend networking event right in the heart of NYC. It works in a “show-and-tell” setting, where new companies can showcase their newest technologies and features. NYCTechBreakfast welcomes a wide range of technology companies – so long as it is innovative and awesome. It’s a great way to see what others are doing in you field, while also receiving an opportunity to showcase your work to a large and targeted audience.

3. The Black Door

In New York City, when the work day ends, networking begins. Happy hour is more than just an opportunity to let loose with friends. It’s an opportunity to meet people, talk business and exchange business cards. The Black Door, located in Chelsea, is a commonly-known hangout spot for those in the tech industry. Until recently, it was the official after-party spot for NY Tech Meetup. It’s hip, it’s professional and it has drinks to die for.

4. New York Entrepreneurs & Startup Network

Find potential partnerships, seek out investors, or just learn from some of the best. It doesn’t matter your age or where you are in your career. If you want to run your own business in NYC, attend a meetup with NYESN. The next event will take place at the 42nd Street WeWork space on June 10th. RSVP is required.

5. The Lobby Bar at the Ace Hotel

“The Ace Hotel lobby has become something of a phenomenon. On any given day, you’ll run into an actor, a fashion designer, a model and—randomly enough– [a] tech entrepreneur,” according to First Round Capital Entrepreneur-in-Residence Charlie O’Donnell. It has actually become an unofficial spot for young entrepreneurs to hold meetings and network.

Have fun and Happy Networking!

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