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The 5 Inevitable Phases Of Creative Idea Development


Let’s be honest, working in a creative industry is very emotionally taxing. We are a special kind of people who really put themselves out there when they create something to share with everyone. Plus, who among us doesn’t have a come-and-go relationship with the creative process itself anyway? Some days it’s more than enjoyable, but easy to create something amazing out of nothing. Then at other times, it’s frustrating and unusually difficult to do your thing without being riddled in doubt. Ultimately though, we know this painful, creative process is always worth the effort in the end, especially once you execute the finished product for the world to see!If you can identify with these aforementioned inner creative struggles, then you’re totally going to be able to relate to our 5 inevitable phases of creative idea development!

Phase #1: Possibilities Seem Endless

This is thankfully one of the easier phases, most likely because it’s where you start! Everything feels fun and light and full of possibility, with plenty of room for research and exploration. You most likely don’t have any semblance of a solid idea, but the pieces are there, as well as the intentions. New idea’s you come up with feel like they’re a dime a dozen, thus your confidence ensues and you feel good about the prospects of this project as a whole.

Phase #2: Doubt Creeps In

You start to take a closer look at all your great ideas and they’re suddenly looking a lot worse than you remember. You’re starting to feel kind of uncertain and unsure of all of it. You’re starting to think things along the lines of “What if I’m wrong about this?” and “None of this is good!”. Along with questioning your entire creative process, you also begin to question yourself.

Phase #3: Here Comes The Agony

This has got to be the toughest of all the phases. That’s most likely because this is when absolutely nothing seems to work! Both you and your team are stressed or feel under pressure at the absence of progress that appears evident, regardless of how hard you try to change it. Hopeless doesn’t even begin to cover how you’re feeling, since the anxiety of if you’re making the right choices and if your ideas will work is constantly hanging over your head. You fear that this project is destined for doom.

Phase #4: Epiphany Pushes Things Into Place

Bam! Guess what? You are suddenly feeling a little better about the choices and progress of your concept. This is your idea, your baby, and you’re determined to make it happen! You’ve planted your creation’s seed in the ground and now you just have to take careful measures to make sure it blossoms into all you desire it to. You’re starting to feel relieved as the light at the end of the tunnel appears, far off in the distance.

Phase #5: Finishing Off With Finesse

You are in the final stages of crafting your raw idea into reality. You become more strategic and ambitious about the moves you make with it. This is where you really start to shine too, because your attention to detail, experience, skill, and finesse are front and center, doing their thing and showing the inner artist inside you. You finish off your final product with a focused momentum, finally resulting in a powerful, unique, and stunning creation that’s all yours, in addition to an unreal sense of accomplishment.

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