New Year’s Resolutions for Success in Business

December 23, 2017 / Inspiration
resolutions for success in business

As the end of the year approaches, this is a great time to reflect on the progress your business has made over the past year and plan your goals for the year to come. While plans must be tailored to each company’s needs, these resolutions for success in business will lay the foundation for a prosperous new year.

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Ways to Get Motivated this Summer

July 30, 2017 / Inspiration
ways to get motivated

Feeling lazy this summer? You are not alone. It has been proven that people lose business motivation during the summer months. However, the business world never stops moving, and it is important to keep up all year round. Because of this, here are some helpful ways to get motivated this summer.

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Inspirational Quotes for Success in Business and Life

June 30, 2017 / Inspiration
business success quotes

Lacking Inspiration? Sometimes all it takes are some words of wisdom from the greats. Here are our top business success quotes. We hope these motivate you as much as they do for us!

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Turning an Idea into a Business: The First Steps

May 31, 2017 / Inspiration
turning an idea into a business

Many people have creative business ideas, but that is only half of the equation. Turning an idea into a business requires an idea, as well as execution. In fact, execution is just as important for the success of new business idea as the initial idea itself. But the question is, where to start? We have compiled the first steps you can take to get your idea off the ground to turn it into a fully formed startup.

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How to Break Out of a Creative Slump

September 9, 2016 / Inspiration
Overcome Creative Slump

Producing quality work can be like a puzzle. Sometimes putting together the puzzle can be a straightforward and seamless task. There are times that everything ‘flows’ just right and everything comes together. However, there is the other side of the coin. There can be days that make you feel like you are neck deep in mud and you can’t do anything. These are the days that your brain gets you nowhere and putting together the pieces becomes an arduous task. This can make even the sanest person feel out of balance and can significantly diminish a person’s focus.
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Cross-Industry Client Management Tips That Really Work

November 20, 2015 / Conversation, Daily


Are you someone who works in an industry where you deal with clients on a daily basis? What about industry… Do all of your clients tend to belong to one particular industry or is it a mix of industries? Either way, we have some tips to help you with managing your clients in the most effective way possible, regardless of which industry they are in!

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The 5 Inevitable Phases Of Creative Idea Development

August 20, 2015 / Conversation


Let’s be honest, working in a creative industry is very emotionally taxing. We are a special kind of people who really put themselves out there when they create something to share with everyone. Plus, who among us doesn’t have a come-and-go relationship with the creative process itself anyway? Some days it’s more than enjoyable, but easy to create something amazing out of nothing. Then at other times, it’s frustrating and unusually difficult to do your thing without being riddled in doubt. Ultimately though, we know this painful, creative process is always worth the effort in the end, especially once you execute the finished product for the world to see!If you can identify with these aforementioned inner creative struggles, then you’re totally going to be able to relate to our 5 inevitable phases of creative idea development!

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4 Tech Tools For Small Business Efficiency

June 29, 2015 / Conversation


Your small business is your baby, your gem, your pride and your joy. To hit the ground running, it all starts with having the right tools and technology. We can give you the best of both worlds with these four tech tools for keeping your business both up to date and efficient!

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