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The Best Back to School Designs

September 11, 2020 / Uncategorized
Back to School Designs

Even though this school year, things look and feel a bit different, it’s back to school season. Back to school designs are popular this time of year, and they still are, despite the ‘new normal.’ Businesses use this angle for advertisement purposes, while many teachers utilize these designs in their classrooms to give their students a warm welcome. Maybe you need inspiration for your classroom, classroom door, flyers, posters, social media graphics, or even for an advertisement. Whatever the case may be, checking out this helpful collection of back to school designs may help give you the inspiration that you need to get started!
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15 Free Summer Fonts for Your Next Design Project

August 15, 2020 / Inspiration
Summer Fonts

When it comes to summer design projects or any design project, really, you need your design to be cohesive, and your choice of font(s) can really make or break your project. Your design can be on point, but if you choose an inappropriate font, it can change the look and feel of your work. Long story short, if you use the wrong font for your design, you can totally change the look, feel, and message you are trying to convey. Using the wrong type of font can ruin the success of your design, so you must choose the right kind of font to tie everything together. You want to evoke the right kind of emotions from your audience, not the wrong ones! Luckily, when it comes to summer fonts, there are many to choose from that can help make your work stand out.
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The 2020 Summer Inspired Color Palettes

July 24, 2020 / Inspiration
Summer Color Palettes

The summer season is exciting and vibrant, yet uplifting, making it an excellent source of inspiration for your designs. Colors are powerful and have the ability to affect the emotions of the viewer, so if you want to lift your audience’s mood, utilize some bright and sunny summer color palettes to add some life to your design.
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11 of the Best Patriotic Fonts

July 3, 2020 / Inspiration
Patriotic Fonts

The month of July is all about being patriotic, especially on and around the Fourth of July. The arrival of Independence Day also equates to personal and business projects popping up that are centered on this American holiday. A patriotic theme, such as American symbols and colors, are often used throughout the month for advertisements, posters, announcements, crafts, and even party invites. While finding the art needed for your project may be easy, when it comes to fonts, that aspect is often overlooked. Your choice of font can really set the tone of your design, and using patriotic fonts can really tie your patriotic theme together! While there are plenty of places online to look, it can quickly become overwhelming, so we have put a few of the most popular fonts currently available on the web.
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Who Needs Photoshop Anymore?

June 27, 2020 / Uncategorized
Alternatives to Photoshop

Even in 2020, Adobe Photoshop is still the industry standard for graphics and image editing. While the world’s most potent image software is perfect for just about every situation where image processing is required, roadblocks such as cost and expertise can put a screeching halt to planned projects. Other times, it can be gross overkill. Fortunately, in the year 2020, there are many alternatives to Adobe’s juggernaut. While there is no doubt that Photoshop is king, other options exist and are available that could work better for smaller jobs or more specific tasks, and a few are even free to use on the web. Here is a list of 10 great alternatives to Photoshop.
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How to Stay Focused: Helpful Ways to Tame the Mind

April 30, 2020 / Inspiration
How to Stay Focused

At times, we tend to lose focus and let our minds wander off. It’s okay, it happens-we are human after all. Especially now, maintaining focus can be tricky since many are forced to work from home currently when they used to go into the office to work. Having a wandering mind is not a bad thing, especially for creatives, as it can provide sudden bursts of inspiration. However, there comes a time when we need to focus on the task at hand, but it seems impossible. Your mind is not working with you and gets distracted by every shiny object in your immediate environment. Okay, we aren’t crows, but you get the idea. There can be a plethora of distractions around us, especially at home, so it can be hard to stay vigilant and remain focused. We need to tame our wandering mind, so learning how to stay focused is an excellent skill to have under your belt because you will need it.
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20 of the Best Springtime Design and Color Inspiration Images

April 22, 2020 / Inspiration
Springtime Design Inspiration

Spring is here, and that means there is a lot more color popping up into our world. The spring season is that of rebirth and life, as we witness the world around us coming out of hibernation after a long, cold, winter season. The air becomes warmer, and the plants wake up and bloom in an array of beautiful colors. The colors of spring are a sight to behold, as nature knows no bounds when it comes to color palettes. For a creative, stimulation is necessary due to blockages and burnout, so it’s imperative to take an in-depth look at the world around you for inspiration. Nature has a variety of color palettes, and if you take notice, you can successfully implement spring color palettes into your own work. However, inspiration can be a difficult thing for many at this time, as some may not have the immunity to take a walk in the park at the moment, but you have some spring design projects to complete. If you are unable to go outside for inspiration, don’t worry, you can go within. The images below are recommended to check out if you require some springtime design inspiration, all within the comfort of your home. These images will give you a good look at the beauty of the world, in full color, without leaving your house.
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The Best Spring Fonts for Your Next Design Project

April 10, 2020 / Inspiration
Best Spring Fonts

When it comes to design, it is common to gain inspiration from the world around you. During this time of year, things are “waking from their slumber” and life is starting to sprout and come alive all around us. The spring season is that of renewal, as life always has a way of coming back around. This idea of life and rebirth can be quite inspiring, so it’s common for a designer to incorporate these elements into his/her work. However, to really tie your design together, you need to find the perfect font to make your design a successful one. Choosing an unsuitable font for your design can give the viewer mixed ideas, and that idea or thought you wanted to portray can come out jumbled if you pick an inappropriate font. Font matters, so when it comes time to choosing your type, it’s not a decision to take lightly. It is imperative that you find the best spring fonts for your design, especially if you want your design to be a successful one.
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