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15 Free Summer Fonts for Your Next Design Project

Summer Fonts

When it comes to summer design projects or any design project, really, you need your design to be cohesive, and your choice of font(s) can really make or break your project. Your design can be on point, but if you choose an inappropriate font, it can change the look and feel of your work. Long story short, if you use the wrong font for your design, you can totally change the look, feel, and message you are trying to convey. Using the wrong type of font can ruin the success of your design, so you must choose the right kind of font to tie everything together. You want to evoke the right kind of emotions from your audience, not the wrong ones! Luckily, when it comes to summer fonts, there are many to choose from that can help make your work stand out.

If you are in need of some hot sun, beach-inspired fonts for your summer design project, look no further! We bring you some of the best free summer fonts that you need to add to your font library.

1. Pipe Dream by triforce89 (100% Free)

Free Summer Fonts

2. A Little Sunshine by bythebutterfly (Free for Personal Use)

Free Beachy Fonts

3. Summertime by Sara (100% Free)

Summer Fonts

4. Seaweed Script by Font Diner (Free for Commercial Use)

Summer Fonts

5. Beach Party Cartoon by Galdino Otten (Free for Personal Use)

Free Beachy Fonts

6. Beach Resort by 538Fonts(100% Free)

Free Beachy Fonts

7. Coney Island by Font-a-licious (Freeware, Non-Commercial Use)

Free Beachy Fonts

8. Summer by Mariyana (Free for Personal Use)

Summer Fonts

9. BeachType by David A. Mason (100% Free)

Free Beachy Fonts

10. Beach House by Fontmaker(100% Free)

Free Beachy Fonts

11. Summer Vibes by MJB Letters (100% Free)

Summer Fonts

12. Original Surfer by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute (Free for Commercial Use)

Free Summer Fonts

13. Tiki Tropic by Sharkshock (Free for Personal Use)

Summer Fonts

14. Salty Beach by Xerographer Fonts (Donationware)

Free Summer Fonts

15. Palm Beach by Studio Aurora (Donationware)

Free Summer Fonts

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