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Top Tips for Successful Rebranding

successful rebranding

Rebranding can be intimidating for many, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, can it be wildly successful when done thoughtfully and strategically. Here are the top tips for successful rebranding.

1. Answer the Question: “Why a Rebrand?”

A rebrand is a not a light-hearted decision to make. With many things to consider, the first step is to be clear on your intentions and purpose. Be it attracting a different audience or building a new distinctive image, the reasoning for a rebrand should be clearly outlined from the beginning to track progress and success.

2. Create an Entirely New Vision

Once the purpose is established and your goals are in place, begin shaping your new vision for your brand. The vision you create is essentially the visual for your rebrand that invokes inspiration for the its future.

3. Be Sure The Vision Gives Your Company Room to Grow

A successful brand goes beyond color and logos. A company’s brand is its identity, distinguished from everyone else. When a brand is cultivated, the intention is for it to stay relevant for years to come. For this reason, be sure to create a vision that gives your company room to grow and evolve, while staying true to the brand.

4. Get Your Team on Board

Before you sell the rebrand to the public, it is crucial to sell it to the team working with you. A successful rebranding can only happen if the people driving it believe in it. Brand ambassadors start internally, so capturing the hearts of those within the organization will prove vital to the transitional times of rebranding.

5. Make A Wide-Spread Announcement

Going public with your rebrand is a big step, so it’s important to do it right. The bottom line: make sure everyone knows it’s happening. Help your target audience feel connected and part of the process. Conjuring emotional investment in customers during the initial stages of your rebrand will result in a higher likelihood they will buy what you are selling. Plan a launch party, go to the press, engage in strategic advertising – do what makes the most sense with your company and go for it!

6. Let Your Vendors Know

Letting your vendors know about a new name and any other new information will help them update your account swiftly with little confusion or billing errors. Additionally, being proactive this way is appreciated by other businesses because they will feel considered.

7. Maintain Elements of Consistency

Although rebranding is all about change, you still want loyal customers to feel the same connection to your brand. Preserving tone and language help maintain consistency and authenticity in the midst of deep transition.

8. Embrace Creativity and Experimenting

Rebranding, although a bit scary, is also very exciting! It is a time where all of your ideas get a chance to shine. The is an opportunity for a blank slate, so embrace creativity and enjoy the freedom to experiment.

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