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Spring Design Inspiration 2018

Spring is in full swing! With everything alive and in bloom, it’s difficult not to find inspiration from this season around every corner. In order to channel that inspiration into a successful design, we have highlighted some of the best aspects of spring design inspiration.

Cherry Blossoms

spring design inspiration 4 | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYC

You can’t talk about spring inspiration without making a note of the magnificent cherry blossoms cascading around us. These pastel and delicate flowers translate beautifully in the design of all kinds.

Color Choice

spring design inspiration 5 | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYC

The use of cherry blossoms and design elements that reflect them are also able to dramatically change when placed against different backgrounds. In the first image, the pale white background gives a notion of freshness and purity in a design. Meanwhile, this second image represents vibrancy and liveliness with the contrasting colors.


spring design inspiration 3 | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYC

Another way to utilize delicate design is to juxtapose it with a rustic color palette or typography, similar to this photograph. This approach is perfect for designing natural brands, as nature is very much a combination of delicate and rustic elements.

Clean Minimalism

spring design inspiration 6 | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYC

Minimalism is a commonly used approach in design and branding, and it is perfectly showcased during the spring season. Going back to freshness and purity in design, spring often naturally presents crisp white imagery that is perfect to implement in many brands.


spring design inspiration 7 | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYCtransparent business cards | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYC

While flowers are a major aspect to spring, it is also a time where animals return from their winter shelters. These animals may be the symbol you have been searching for to include in your logo design, as shown in the images above.

New York City

spring design inspiration 2 | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYC

While spring is a beautiful time in many locations, there is something special about New York City in this city. Because our headquarters is located in New York, we are constantly gaining inspiration from outside our office. Take time to go outside, take a walk, and breathe in the liveliness of New York City in the spring. A walk in Central Park or picnic with friends by the water is a great way to recharge and gain a refreshed outlook on whatever design you are working on.

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