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Brochures & Flyers

Brochures and flyers are a hot commodity for many developing businesses. They offer a concise and practical way for companies to communicate important information to customers. Brochures and flyers are usually not done in-house, especially for developing companies. As a general printer, we are able to offer this very useful service to our customers.

In regards to brochures, there are many different ways to bind or fold brochures. We offer great flexibility in this regard as well, as we offer a brochure printing service in NYC. Whether you are looking for single fold brochures, tri-fold brochures, stapled brochures, tent fold brochures, or any other presentation, we are able to accommodate any requirement. Our equipment is some of the most state of the art in the industry, which allows us to produce your brochures faster and less expensively. As an established, NYC based brochure provider, we have a long list of satisfied customers who have been with us for decades.

In conjunction with professional grade business cards, your brochures and flyers can have a real impact on your business. It is very important to be conscious of the printer that you use. Located in downtown Manhattan, we have been servicing clients for over 4 decades. Our NYC location does not limit our professional services to just the New York City area. We happily service the entire nation, and take advantage of our NYC location to efficiently ship our products all over the country. We invite you to put our services to the test. Try us for your next set of brochures or flyers.

Contact us today at 212-406-2905, or email at info@japanprint.com for more information!