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We offer high quality digital printing in NYC, which has some very important benefits over the conventional offset press printing that many other New York City printers use. First, the quality of general digital printing has recently become much higher, and easily rivals that of offset printing. Secondly, digital printing costs much less for smaller runs, particularly for bleed designs. After years of Printing Business Cards in NYC, we have learned that it is important to keep our products as affordable as possible while not sacrificing on overall quality. Even for our entry-level products, the quality is visibly higher than most other suppliers.

A very unique ability of our digital printing equipment is our heavy paper compatibility. We can create digital cards that are up to 32 point in thickness. Most printers max out at around 14 – 16 points. We were very selective in choosing equipment that can handle very heavy business card papers.

Although we are specialists in digital business cards printing in NYC, we also offer custom office stationery printing services. Some examples of popular items include custom holiday cards, notecards, notepads, envelopes, and sticky notes. Contact us today at 212-406-2905, or email at for more information!

Brochures & Flyers

Brochures and flyers are a hot commodity for many developing businesses. They offer a concise and practical way for companies to communicate important information to customers. Brochures and flyers are usually not done in-house, especially for developing companies. As a general printer, we are able to offer this very useful service to our customers.

In regards to brochures, there are many different ways to bind or fold brochures. We offer great flexibility in this regard as well, as we offer a brochure printing service in NYC. Whether you are looking for single fold brochures, tri-fold brochures, stapled brochures, tent fold brochures, or any other presentation, we are able to accommodate any requirement. Our equipment is some of the most state of the art in the industry, which allows us to produce your brochures faster and less expensively. As an established, NYC based brochure provider, we have a long list of satisfied customers who have been with us for decades.

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As with our business cards, brochures, and other printing work, we are always focused on quality and affordability. With any business envelopes can be a costly proposition, especially if there are numerous customers that need to receive envelopes. Many companies cannot employ this strategy simply because of its cost. However, we believe in making this essential envelope printing service in NYC available to anyone. Our prices are very affordable and cost-effective. We also do not require that you spend a minimum amount of money just to work with us. We do not require that you order hundreds or even thousands of envelopes just to do business with us. If you want a small or large quantity of envelopes, we strive to deliver whatever it is that you are looking for.

Showing appreciation to your customers is an action that should never be overlooked. Envelopes provide an excellent opportunity to stand out above the rest of the crowd. Take advantage of our 40 years of experience in the print industry. If you are situated in the NYC area, feel free to stop by our New York office.

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Postcards can be very useful for established and developing businesses in marketing their services and retaining customers. They can serve as a greeting or a thank you, in addition to communicating information about products or services. Postcard printing and design can make a big difference for companies that apply the right techniques and employ the right postcard printer. As a professional printer located in Manhattan, we are able to offer this very useful service to our customers.

Our postcard printing services in NYC offer many benefits to our customers. In particular, our flexibility is what makes our printing service so unique. We offer both long and short run digital postcards printing, which can greatly reduce the cost of printing. With the traditional offset press printing method that most other New York City printers utilize, the minimum quantity of postcard prints is usually very high. Our high quality digital printers allow us to print small quantities of postcards, which lowers our customers overall costs.

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There is no better way to announce a special event than using customized invitations or announcement cards. No matter what the event, if the setting is formal, then professional invitation cards are a requirement. For nearly 40 years we have specialized in high quality invitation card printing in NYC.

Located in downtown NYC, we are in the perfect position to service both local and nation-wide customers. Our customized invitation cards and letters are printed with a high level of flexibility. We offer our customers the ability to choose between high and low quantities of invitation cards and letters.  We utilize modern digital printers that have greater flexibility than offset presses, although we can offer that as well. With our digital printers, our customers can print small amounts of invitation cards and letters, which have a strong effect on the price. Our customers pay less for smaller quantities when using digital printing.

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For any business a custom letterhead is very important. Letterhead can reflect caliber of the company that is using it. Having high quality letterhead with your company’s name and logo on them allow you to make a great impression. We offer this professional service of letterhead printing right in NYC, at an affordable price point.

Our customers only pay for what they are interested in, and not what they are forced to buy. Many times printers will require that customers purchase a package of items, such as custom letterhead, stationery, envelopes, and business cards. At Japan Printing & Graphics, we are happy to offer our customers the freedom to pick and choose exactly what they want. This philosophy has brought us much success in the past, and will continue well into the future.

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For developing companies as well as established businesses, custom stationery has benefits for both employees and potential customers. For employees, custom stationery makes workers feel pride in their organization. For potential customers, custom stationery provides instant credibility. The benefits are particularly evident with custom envelopes, which are often used to send out invoices. Envelopes with company information or logos on them are less likely to be lost by customers.

If you have never had custom letterhead and stationery in the past, it is not a problem. Our experienced graphic design services and artists have the ability and talent to create truly professional grade designs that will look absolutely stunning when printed on your letterhead or stationery. We produce products that allow you to come across powerfully and impressively, which will only promote continued and ongoing success.

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Presentation Folders

For growing companies as well as established businesses, custom folders have benefits for both employees and potential customers. Within the organization, custom folders instill in employees a sense of pride in their company. For potential customers, custom-made folders provide a level of presentation that is impressive. They give your organization a little something extra that is guaranteed to impress.

If you have never had custom folders in the past, it is not a problem. Our experienced graphic designers and artists have the ability and talent to create amazing designs that will look absolutely stunning when printed on your folders. We produce products that help you to leave a lasting impression, which will only promote continued and ongoing success.

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