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11 of the Best Patriotic Fonts

Patriotic Fonts

The month of July is all about being patriotic, especially on and around the Fourth of July. The arrival of Independence Day also equates to personal and business projects popping up that are centered on this American holiday. A patriotic theme, such as American symbols and colors, are often used throughout the month for advertisements, posters, announcements, crafts, and even party invites. While finding the art needed for your project may be easy, when it comes to fonts, that aspect is often overlooked. Your choice of font can really set the tone of your design, and using patriotic fonts can really tie your patriotic theme together! While there are plenty of places online to look, it can quickly become overwhelming, so we have put a few of the most popular fonts currently available on the web.

Do you have a business or personal project that just needs that “little something” to tie it all together? Using the correct font plays a significant role in how your design is perceived, so it’s essential to use a font that accurately represents your overall design. If you are looking for patriotic fonts for your next design project that represents the USA, check out this collection of some of the best free American-themed fonts available.

11 of the Best Patriotic Fonts

1. American Star by Nerdle Pants – Free for Personal Use

Patriotic Fonts


2. Patriotic by Vladimir Nikolic – 100% Free

American Fonts


3. US Flag by The FontSite – 100% Free

Patriotic Fonts


4. American Donuts by Vincent Quintela – 100% Free

USA Fonts


5. DK American Grunge by Hanoded – Free for Personal Use

Popular American Fonts


6. Fireworks by Woodcutter – 100% Free

Free American Fonts


7. Americans by Vladimir Nikolic – Free for Personal Use

Best American Fonts


8. The American by Woodcutter – 100% Free

American Fonts


9. The American Flag – 100% Free

Patriotic Fonts


10. Janda Sparkle and Shine by Kimberly Geswein – Free for Personal Use

Patriotic Fonts


11. KG UNCLE SAM by Katz Fontz – Free for Personal Use

American Fonts


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