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How to Break Out of a Creative Slump

Overcome Creative Slump

Producing quality work can be like a puzzle. Sometimes putting together the puzzle can be a straightforward and seamless task. There are times that everything ‘flows’ just right and everything comes together. However, there is the other side of the coin. There can be days that make you feel like you are neck deep in mud and you can’t do anything. These are the days that your brain gets you nowhere and putting together the pieces becomes an arduous task. This can make even the sanest person feel out of balance and can significantly diminish a person’s focus.

For branding and marketing purposes, it is vital that you create something unique that represents your brand and effectively communicates to your target audience. However, coming up with original content can be difficult, especially if you are in a creative funk. It can be tough to get the creative juices flowing again. Having writer’s block and being in a creative funk can be a hard roadblock to overcome.

Do you need help with creative blocks? If you want to jump back on the road to creativity, check out our tips on how to overcome a creative slump.

1. Release the Ego

It can be difficult, but try not to have any expectations as to what you are creating and its outcome. Don’t think, just do, and use your passion as a fuel. Take risks and venture into unknown territory. Just know that your ego can sabotage your creativity, so do away with it. Instead, let your passion for what you are doing shine through, and use it as motivation. Throw away your expectations and use your passion as fuel.

2. Know When to Walk Away

There’s no point continuously banging your head against the wall. It is important to step away from your work and take a break in these moments of frustration. During these moments, step away from what you are doing and do something else for a little while. Take a nap, grab a bite to eat, read a book, draw, or spend some time in nature. By taking some time out to decompress, you can go back to your work with a refreshed mind.

3. Begin a New Creative Project

If you are hitting nothing but roadblocks with one creative venture, start another creative project. Make sure the creative project is fun and is non-stressful. If you love to paint, sculpt, or draw, do that instead. If filmmaking is your forte, go for it. DO whatever it is that makes you smile, and do something that you love. This is another great way to decompress and can help you clear your mind. Who knows, you might even receive a dose of inspiration from it!

4. Experience Life

By getting out and expanding your horizons, you can help improve your creativity and generate new ideas and concepts. Go out and experience life, and try something new. The possibilities are endless, so take some yoga classes, attend a seminar, or visit an art museum. Get out into the world, expand your mind and experience all that life has to offer. Just remember to bring along a writing utensil and a small notepad so you can jot down ideas, concepts, and create sketches. You never know when inspiration will strike!

5. Stay Positive

While this is easier said than done, doubting yourself or allowing negativity to thrive can hinder your output. Negativity and fear can destroy your focus and can leave you uninspired. By moving away from your fears and by having a flexible mind, you have a better chance of creating something you can be proud of. Fear and negativity can make you doubt yourself and your abilities. Remember, “fear is the mind-killer” so it is vital that you maintain a positive mindset.

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