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Top NY Networking Event Sites and Groups

Business Cards NYC

Having business cards in NYC is an effective way to create and sustain relationships, as well as advance your career. They are one of the cornerstones to good networking as they serve as a powerful and creative marketing tool. A good business card stands out from the crowd and leaves a long lasting impression. However, having a well-designed, creative business card will only go so far on its own, you still need to do the legwork and find your own opportunities. Business cards are one of the keys to potential opportunities, but you need to have the opportunity to hand them out so they don’t become a stagnant stack on your desk. The more you put yourself out there, the better chance you’ll have to find those golden opportunities.

While some come with a price tag, professional networking events and groups are great opportunities to get ahead in your career. If you are looking for networking events to attend so you can mingle, create social bonds as well as contacts, and exchange business cards in NYC check out some of the top NY networking event sites and groups.

1. Business Chicks – Business Chicks firmly believes that networking is the foundation of success. It’s a great way to climb the ladder of success and meet new people in person at their fun in-person networking events and on their online network.

2. Digital NYC – One of the world’s fastest growing startup and technology hubs, Digital NYC brings together people, companies, investors, workspaces, resources, organizations, and associations together. Go to their events page to see and find the perfect networking event or workshop near you.

3. Eventbrite – This website is the “go-to” website for ticket sales and networking events for a wide variety of organizations and associations. With its very useful directory, you are sure to find something nearby, whether it’s a class, social event, or a conference.

4. Evensi – Evensi lists more than 30 million of the best events, so you are likely to find a networking opportunity that is geared towards you and your profession. On Evensi, view the best networking events around with a click of the mouse. You can even create and advertise an event of your very own!

5. Impact Hub NYC – Impact Hub NYC is a coworking and event space for social entrepreneurs and professionals who strive to make positive environmental and social changes in their world. Founded in 2005, Impact Hub NYC members have access to community and networking events, leader panels, as well as workshops.

6. LinkedIn Events – One of the most popular social networking websites out there, LinkedIn is a great way to network online. They even offer an events directory on their events page. You just choose your location and industry and viola! You can then explore the events that relate to you and your field.

7. Mediabistro – Offers niche-specific, informative networking events. This site is geared towards those in writing, social media, journalism, marketing, publication, as well as other media-related professions.

8. Meetup – Meetup is an excellent site that lists professional networking events for job seekers and networkers alike. You can search for and find a wide variety of networking opportunities at the click of a mouse. Meetup even allows you to create and organize your own event!

9. NetParty – Netparty.com has more than 100,000 members and is geared towards the up and coming, young professionals who like to have fun. The events never take place in boring conference rooms, instead, they are held at nightclubs, mansions, or lounges.

10. Network After Work – Launched in 2009, Network After Work is one of the fastest growing networking companies around. This business networking company hosts monthly events in over 60 cities and attracts a diverse mix of industries at all of their fun and relaxed networking events.

11. New York Tech Meetup – A non-profit organization with over 35,000 members, the New York Tech Meetup supports the New York technology community. A great place to build your network and develop your business, New York Tech Meetup hosts monthly events for its members.

12. The NYC Business Networking Group – One of the premier networking groups in NYC, membership to this business networking group is free. The NYC Business Networking Group has been hosting networking events since 2007, and every month they host business networking events.

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