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The New Modern Natural Design: A New Look, An Old Feel

New Modern Natural Design

One of the hottest emerging trends for 2019 is the modern natural design ascetic, focusing on natural colors and patterns broken down to the simplest minimal forms. Finding the natural look for an artificial design can be daunting. In fact, for many designers, the challenge can be as tough as climbing a mountain. So in order to make the journey a bit easier, here is a handy guide to the new modern natural design.


Making up the most of the visual elements, the use of pattern is simplified by a large degree. While animal prints and other natural patterns are emphasized, their use is more indirect. Patterns like fractals, Lichtenberg patterns (electric arcs), and broken or uneven stripes have become common. These patterns can invoke feelings of calmness, tranquility, growth, and healing and are being used by a whole wide range of different industries.


Many people think the natural colors are limited to the basic pallet of brown and green with a little blue on the side. This could not be any further from the truth. Nature is filled with vibrant hues and deep shades for every color in the spectrum. Accents of purple and gold can add a sense of depth, while overtones of magenta and turquoise can invite feelings of excitement and adventure.


One of the most effective elements used in modern natural designs is the use of repetition. An excellent example of this is the abstract repetitive patterns found in tree bark or on the surface of stones. Patterns like these send a message of strength and stability without the need to say it out loud.


As much as nature is filled with beautiful and complex patterns, it is also filled with space. Complicated shapes are often filled with basic textures and simple colors. In fact, one of the first rules in good design mirrors this concept, “use of negative space to help define the design.” Finding a good balance of space will help your designs readability and attractiveness.


The most essential aspect of any good design or logo is the balance that is achieved utilizing all of these elements together in a holistic way. Balance in the sense of the modern natural is more than just visual weight and proper perspective. If all of the elements are done right the effect can be amazing and beautiful.

In the end, new modern natural designs are an elegant and effective way to project a message that is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

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