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Minimalist Business Card Ideas to Add Maximum Value to Your Brand

raised ink best business cards

In a world where so much information is being thrown at everyone all the time, sometimes taking simplest route will make you stand out the most. These minimalist business cards make every detail count to leave a lasting impression.

To the Point


We can tell you one thing, recipients of this business card will not forget his name.

Pop of Color

vertical unique business cards

A business card does not need to be bursting with color to stand out. Minimalist business cards with a strategic pop of color are tasteful and pleasant to look at.

Gold Details

thick raised ink business cards

Gold details will add elegance to your business card and brand without looking ostentatious.

Color Background

silk cool business cards

Background colors of minimalist business cards are not restricted to white. Your choice of color background with a contrasting text color will look sophisticated and professional.


custom square business cards

In a sea full of various rectangle cards, other businesses will recognize your square card first.

Simple Image

custom rectangle business cards

A simple illustration or image that is telling of your brand can speak volumes above complicated images on a business card.

Transparent Features

clear plastic business cards nyc

Transparent business cards are popping up everywhere, but utilizing it in thoughtful ways will keep you from blending in with the trend.

Black on Black

business card paper types

Black business cards with black raised ink is an unexpected combination that works seamlessly as a sleek and memorable design.

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