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Printing 101: Should I Print a Matte or Glossy Brochure?

Matte or Glossy Brochure

Even in today’s technology-driven world, brochures are still utilized as they are a tried and true marketing tool. Besides flyers, brochures are a hot commodity since they are an effective way to communicate important information. Plus, brochures are cost effective, have the potential to cover a lot of information, and are extremely versatile. However, one of the main questions that often arise during the planning stages is, should I print a matte or glossy brochure? This design aspect should never be overlooked, as it is just as important as designing the logo, choosing the typography, as well as the color(s) used on the brochure.

When done correctly, brochures can have a significant impact on your business. However, the question, “should I have a matte or glossy brochure?” is often one that leaves many stumped during the design process. To help you come to a decision, check out some pros and cons of printing a brochure on matte or glossy paper.

Matte Brochures


• Are you planning to print a black and white brochure? Black and white images printed on matte paper can add depth and texture to your brochure. Stick with matte paper if you are not using color.
• If you want to have a more muted finish, get your brochure printed on matte paper. In fact, certain colors look amazing on matte paper, so if you are looking for a subtle finish, use matte paper.
• If you are on a tight budget and are looking to get the most bang for your buck, get your brochure printed on matte paper. In some instances, matte paper is a more cost-effective option.
• If you are looking for readability, use matte paper. Having a lot of readable text on glossy paper is not a good idea as it reflects light, but matte paper does not reflect light in the same way.


• Because many people perceive the glossy finish as attractive and high-end, using matte paper may affect your audience’s perception of the quality of your brochure.
• Images and colors can appear less vivid and vibrant on matte paper, which could be a good thing. However, if you want your colors to pop, printing on matte paper may not be the way to go.
• Unfortunately, matte paper, while it is often a cost-effective method, is not durable. Also, matte paper is more delicate, so you run the risk of colors fading over time and peeling corners.

Glossy Brochures


• If your brochure uses high-resolution images and a range of colors, and you are looking for them to “pop,” printing your brochure on glossy paper can help you achieve this.
• Glossy paper can really make your brochure stand out from the crowd. Glossy paper will give your brochure a sleek and eye-catching finish that is sure to grab your audience’s attention.
• Even with glossy papers smooth and attractive finish, you can rest assure that your brochure will be durable, as the finish will last as well as survive wear and tear.


• If you are looking for a brochure that uses paper that has some weight to it, then glossy paper is not the way to go. Brochures printed on matte paper are thicker and heavier than one printed on glossy paper.
• Even though glossy paper makes your brochure pop, the glossy finish can and will attract dust and fingerprints. So take your audience in mind when considering this option.
• Printing a brochure that uses a lot of text? Poor readability is a downfall to glossy brochures. The shiny, glossy finish can make small print hard to read.

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