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Logo Design Tips: What Not to Do!

Logo Design Tips

Having a solid, well-designed logo is invaluable, as it provides instant feedback to the viewer and connects them with the product or service. It can be a graphic element, a concept, or a symbol; as long as it acts as the representation of your business. It is vital to your business to have an effective logo if you want your business to be successful and memorable.

Earlier in the month we featured the guidelines on what to do when designing a logo, now we are going to help you learn what you shouldn’t do. Read on to learn what you shouldn’t do during the creation of your logo.

1. Don’t rely on generic typefaces

You want your logo to be unique and memorable, and that also includes the type of font that you use. Don’t just rely on the fonts that are on your computer, create your very own unique typography. It not only helps protect against plagiarism, but it will also make your logo more identifiable and easier to remember and identify with.

2. Don’t stick to just one audience

You don’t want your logo to be rigid by only appealing to one audience type. Instead, you want your logo to be dynamic, not static and have it appeal to a wide variety of people. If you have a diverse logo, you have a better chance of appealing to some, and not to others. Whereas, if you have a rigid logo that only appeals to a small group of people you have a greater chance of your logo failing.

3. Don’t be too predictable and fall for clichés

Don’t be too blatant with your design. While your logo should express an identity and tell a story, you don’t want it to be too “loud”. You want the logo to be unique, so it is important to stay away from clichés. Going with a trending cliché can falter in time as trends fall in and out of favor quite often. You want your logo to be unique and timeless, so it never goes out of style.

4. Don’t underestimate the use of color

In our previous article, we stated that it is best to first design your logo in black and white. If your logo is effective in black and white, your logo is sure to look fabulous in color. Colors can affect a person’s emotions and feelings, so be sure to use color in your design to help convey your message more clearly and effectively.

5. You are not making an art masterpiece

Keep it simple, you are trying to design a logo that is identifiable with the business, not a ‘masterpiece’. If you happen to create a logo that is beautiful to look at and can be easily associated with your brand, more power to you! Just remember to keep the two elements balanced, because ultimately you want a logo that is identifiable with the company. If you go overboard, the logo may not identify with the company anymore.

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