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How To Use Business cards As A Marketing Tool

It’s easy to overlook business cards as an effective marketing tool. However, as experts in the business card industry, we are going to give you key points on how you can exploit and make the best marketing use of this tool.

These are the most important points to keep in mind when we talk about business cards as a marketing tool:

  1. Business cards are an inexpensive way to promote a service or business.
  2. You can hand out business cards at any time or event. Handing out a business is not considered a bad practice when the situation is right. 
  3. It’s easy to ask friends, family, or other businesses to show or hand out your cards.
  4. Business cards are easy to transport.

1- Business Cards as an economical way to promote a business.

Based on our experience, regardless of how big or small a business is, printed materials, especially business cards, are indispensable for a business. Especially in their early stages, when companies tend to have small budgets, and every dollar counts. In fact, in the beginning, many businesses use business cards as their primary way of marketing their company. 

Business cards are great for establishing or closing a conversation, apart from sharing your information. The idea behind a good business card is to make the people who receive it spend as much time as possible looking at it and remembering the company or person who gave it to them. This is done to generate branding and trust. A person who trusts one brand more than another will be more inclined to start a business with the one they trust.

When businesses are medium-sized, business cards tend to become a means of introducing the various members of a company, which is still an excellent marketing tool. Since the vast majority of customers do not have the time to memorize a name or write down the telephone numbers of the people who serve them, it is much easier for them to have a business card of each of your team members. Doing this creates a great experience, and good experiences keep our clients coming back, especially if they identify themselves with them. For this reason, no high-prestige brand uses cheap business cards; they do not reflect the values ​​of these companies.

Finally, when companies are large, business cards escalate to another level. Here, business cards are only used to start a conversation, promote the brand, or make things easier for their customers. The most important thing for your business cards to transmit at this corporate level is knowledge. Just like in sports, only great athletes can recognize other great athletes by their technique. This means that only a great businessman can recognize another great businessman by his attitude and eye for detail. So don’t let your business card speak ill of you at your next business meeting, and make sure it is developed to the highest quality possible.

2- You can hand out business cards at any time or event. Handing out a business is not considered a bad practice when the situation is right.

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This is an excellent point as to why business cards are such an excellent marketing tool. Since if you want to promote a business, it is important you always have business cards with you, participate in different meetings, and make sure you talk to all those who are willing to listen to you. 

Tip: If you think handing a business card is something people don’t like, think the contrary. On many occasions, people are happy to finally find a solution to their problems as long as the situation doesn’t feel forced.

Our recommendation is to lose your fear of talking to strangers and find a way to talk about your business without making the conversation feel out of context. Remember that a tool that can boost your business 24/7 is in your hands.

3- It’s easy to ask friends, family, or other businesses to show or hand out your cards.

If you analyze different methods that exist to boost a business today, such as social networks, email marketing, or a website, you will find that business cards are one of the easiest tools to hand out. This is a big plus because it doesn’t take much effort to ask our friends, family, acquaintances, and even other businesses to help us promote our services or products! The only thing you have to keep in mind is the size of the cards you will print to give to these people. So, if you print cards that are too large or have a non-traditional shape, it will be more complicated for your acquaintances or other businesses to collaborate with you in distributing them. Furthermore, it is important that your business cards are friendly and don’t get damaged easily; if your business cards don’t look good, your acquaintances or other businesses will be hesitant to hand them over when the opportunity arises.

4-The business cards are easy to transport.

This is another excellent point about business cards that tends to go unnoticed or underappreciated. Have you ever seen the giant banners on the side of the road? Have you ever wondered how much it costs to print one and pay the monthly fee to keep your ad there? The answer is a couple of thousands of dollars if you want to be in the right place.

Unlike roadside banners, which cost a lot and can only be in one place, business cards are affordable and easy to transport. Besides, since business cards take little time to be ready, they give you time to prepare and think about a design that can attract your target audience. For example, if you know that you are going to visit women-owned businesses or if you know that a large percentage of your target audience are women, it is a good idea to have business cards specialized in their tastes and needs. 

Based on this, we can have different business cards and designs for different target audiences, different cities that we visit, etc. As you may know, people will work with businesses they feel comfortable with and trust, so take advantage of that by understanding who your customers are, what they like, and their lifestyle, and then create a business card that is perfect for them.

We have reached the end of this blog for today, and we hope that all this information has been valuable in helping you boost your business. Now that you better understand how you can use business cards as a marketing tool, it is time to make a business card that stands out from the crowd! 

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