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Using Mail Marketing? How to Make Your Postcards Survive the Mail System

How to Print Mail-Ready Postcards NYC

When you are printing marketing material, the last thing anyone wants is for their investment to become a wasted one. When it comes to print marketing, there are aspects that one does not think about, until it happens to them. All too often, one spends a great deal of time and money to create the perfect postcard for their marketing campaign, for it to go nowhere. The reason why it went nowhere? Well, the design itself wasn’t at fault. It was the fact that the postcards arrived damaged. The postcards arrived scratched, torn, and severely damaged, which resulted in your postcards looking rather unattractive to your audience. Because investment loss is a real thing, learning how to print mail-ready postcards is crucial.

Making your postcards look visually appealing is vital if you want to gain traction, but you have to make sure they can survive the trip through the mailing system. If you are looking to learn more about how to print mail-ready postcards that will actually survive the journey your customers/potential customers, check out these helpful tips.

Pick the Correct Paper

You may be tempted to opt for a paper that appears flimsy just because you are looking to save money, but if you want your postcard to arrive unscathed, go for thick paper stock. You want your postcard to be able to survive the mail machines, so go for the thicker stock, such as 16pt paper. 16pt paper is thick but looks professional and classy.

Opt for a UV Coating

If you want an almost guarantee that your postcard will arrive undamaged, then you should consider going for a UV coating. A UV coating is durable, as the compounds that dry instantly under UV light creates a barrier on the paper. Having a UV coating placed on your postcards will give them a strong and smooth feel, making your postcard look more expensive than it really is!

Use an Envelope

This option will depend on your audience, where the postcard is going, and your budget. In some countries, the postal service may require the use of an envelope. In other cases, maybe you want to give your postcard an extra layer of protection from damage, or you don’t want your postcard to be seen by just anybody. Depending on the content, you may want your postcard to be shielded from curious eyes.

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