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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Creative in Your Life

December 23, 2019 / Conversation

The holidays are here, and while we are supposed to celebrate life during this time of year, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the holiday season can be a tiring and taxing time. Shopping for your loved ones can drive any sane person up the wall, especially if they do not know what to get the person. Then this simple act of gift-giving turns into something else, something stressful. Stress is the last thing anyone needs during the holidays, and while it is bound to occur, there is help. If you have an artist in your life and you are stumped on what to get them for the holidays, then check out these last-minute holiday gift ideas for the creative in your life.

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Creative in Your Life

Wacom Tablet- A perfect accessory for the digital artist in your life, a Wacom tablet can help bring their drawings and designs to life on the computer. If your loved one loves to draw but is also a digital junkie, a Wacom tablet is the way to go.
DSLR Camera– If your gift recipient is a photographer, let them tell you what brand of camera they prefer before you make your purchase. Otherwise, purchasing a camera for your digital artist can make the perfect gift. There’s no better way to get reference photos than taking it yourself!
Pens/Pencils/Markers– A simple gift that is appreciated by any artist, a good set of pens, pencils, and markers can take an artist far. When it comes to markers, look for ones that offer two tip sizes for the most versatility.
Paint Brushes– If your loved one is a painter, or likes to use paint and then transfer their painting onto the computer to work on it digitally, getting a good set of paintbrushes can make the perfect gift. Getting a set with various sizes and types makes for much more versatility in their work.
Art Books– Nowadays, you can go for digital books (meant to be read on a Kindle or tablet) or stick to physical books. No matter what you choose, giving an art book as a holiday gift is something that can help provide knowledge and inspiration to your favorite artist.
Headphones– Music is generally needed for an artist. It is a great way to get a person into the flow of their work and can help them maintain their workflow. However, some may not want to hear their music, so gift them a pair of headphones so they can listen to their music without disrupting others.
Paper-Paper is always needed by an artist, digital, or studio. Paper comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures. There are different types depending on the medium that they use, but don’t be afraid even to get a good ol’ fashioned sketchbook!
Art Glove– An art glove is small, simple, yet practical, and useful. Meant mostly for the digital designer/illustrator using a tablet to work on, an art glove allows you to effortlessly glide across the screen without making unwanted marks or actions on their piece.