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Are You On Track with Your Halloween Party Planning?

halloween party planning

Halloween is just about 2 weeks away! If you’re throwing a party, this is the time to make sure everything is organized and going as planned. Here is a guide for your Halloween party planning to make sure you are on the right track for a great night.

4 weeks away

Pick a date for your party: whether you choose to throw your party the day of Halloween, or the days leading up to it, choose a party date that works best for you. Also, check in with your friends and family before you finalize details!

Make a guest list and send out invites: If you’re looking to send out printed invites, it is best to do this sooner rather than later. For more information on ordering printed invitations, read more here. At Japan Printing and Graphics, we have specialized in high-quality invitation card printing in NYC for nearly 40 years.


3 weeks away

Choose a theme: The fun part of party planning begins! Halloween is a perfect time to go all out with a theme and decorating. Start brainstorming on the atmosphere you want to achieve and some specific decorations you’d like to include.

Create a food and drink list: Do you want it to be mostly snacks or serve an entire meal? This list is to help you get an idea of the kind of food and fare you’d like to serve at your Halloween party.

Start thinking of your costume: A costume you are proud of and that you feel good in is crucial to throwing a Halloween party. As the host, you want something you can be confident and comfortable in throughout the night. For this reason, it is best to set the wheels in motion for your costume a few weeks in advance.


2 weeks away

Review your to-do list: You are halfway there! Now is the time to see what you’ve gotten done so far and organize the rest of your to-do list as needed.

Edit food and drink list: Once you have the final number of guests that will be attending, you can decide how much food and drinks you will actually need to buy.

Start buying decorations: With a clear idea of what theme you want and what decorations to buy, now is the ideal time to start going out and buying them.


1 week away

Finish buying decorations: Getting the rest of your decoration shopping out of the way will bring a clearer head for the last-minute preparations leading up to the party.

Make sure your costume is ready: With your party only being a week away, be sure to get everything for your costume purchased and ready.


Day before the party

Decorate your venue: Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party at your house or an outside venue, spend the day before the event transforming your venue to a spooky and festive Halloween world.

Buy Food and Drinks: This is a good time to go food shopping and prep what you plan on serving ahead of time. That way, it’s mostly ready when tomorrow rolls around.


Day of the party

Finalize all details: In the hours leading up to the party, make any last minute purchases and decor changes.

Last but certainly not least: Enjoy your hard work!


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