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Creative Inspiration for Your Halloween Party Invitations

halloween party invitations

Hello, October! It is an exciting month filled with changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and of course, Halloween. If you are planning a party for the occasion, it is best to get started as soon as possible. With that, the first priority is to make invitations. Because Halloween is such a popular holiday to celebrate, you want to ensure your guests have enough time to RSVP so they don’t commit to a different party first. Here are some quick and easy ways to design Halloween party invitations so you can send them out as soon as possible.


Fun Fonts

halloween party invitations

  1. “You’re Invited”: Chewy Font
  2. “To a Halloween Party”: Creepster Font
  3. “October 31, 2017”: Edo Font
  4. “8 O’Clock PM”: Londrina Sketch
  5. “1234 Street Address”: IM Fell English Small Caps Font
  6. “Wear a Costume!”: Rye Font



Staying simple with classic festive graphics is an easy way to create a nice looking Halloween party invitation that didn’t take too much time to make. Here are some graphics to spark your inspiration.

halloween party invitations halloween party invitations halloween party invitations


Color Scheme

While the classic colors of Halloween are orange and black, you’re not limited to that color scheme! Greens, purples, and even reds are also festive colors to include in your Halloween party invitation.

halloween party invitations


Information to Include

Despite having full creative freedom with your invitations, this information is a must! Make sure your invited guests have all of the details they need to prepare for the fun night ahead.

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Location
  4. RSVP details
  5. Party theme and costume requirements
  6. Food and drink information
  7. Details on any planned activities


Printing and shipping can take time, so don’t delay! Order your printed Halloween party invitations today.


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