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Top 13 Spooky Halloween Fonts

Halloween Fonts

Once again, it’s that time of year, when spooky thoughts and macabre visuals take over media and marketing like an invading horde of Vikings, doing their yearly raids. Peaceful and pleasant images are replaced for a short time with dripping words and monstrous icons. If you have not prepared for the seasonal horde arriving to take over your marketing material, do not worry.

Luckily, we have done the legwork for you and found 13 of the best free Halloween fonts the internet has to offer. Here they are presented in no particular order.

1. CF Halloween by Cloutierfontes 

Here is a Halloween font that has it all, good clarity and readability, as well as some extra Halloween whimsy. This San-Serif font sports dripping letters, some well-placed spider webs, zippers and a jack-o-lantern O.

2. Green Fuz by Typodermic Fonts

Looking for a free font with that spooky vibe without all the bells and whistles? This font would be perfect for the lettering of a horror novel or a rockabilly band. Another San-Serif that has lot of kick while still being legible

3. Thrash Decision by Chequered Ink

While only a couple of years old, this font is literally dripping with Halloween style. While it is very easy on the eyes the forms of letters have a modern look, combining the macabre and sleek, this San-Serif is a must have for anyone looking for a updated feel.

4. Daemonesque by Gem Fonts

Probably the most complex visual font on this list, this unique Serif font is excellent for material needing a large font. Despite having a lot going on this font is still very legible.

5. Headhunter by David Rakowski 

David Rakowski obtained a semi-pop culture status from his work, making fonts in the early 90’s, while the web was still young. Even though he no longer makes fonts, his work still stands the test of time. And this Serif font is a classic.

6. Wild Wood by Jester Font Studio

Another Serif font that is perfect for Halloween, artist Jessica Slater created this wonderful font back in 2000 and its still one of the best seasonal fonts out there.

7. Halloween Party St by Southype

Some Halloween fonts can at times, be quite overwhelming to look at. Fortunately this Sans-Serif font is not; easy to read and fun to look at, this font has something for the young and old alike and is perfect for low key and family orientated materials.

8. Mrs. Monster by Iconian Fonts 

If you have been searching for that classic 50’s Halloween look? Then look no further, Dan Zadorozny of Iconian Fonts has the perfect font for you. A dead ringer for more than a few classic monster movie font, Mrs. Monster is just right without being too much.

9. Ink and Bones by MeCreativa 

A perfect blend of creepy and legible, this Serif font is distorted enough to be macabre while still being readable. Hollow bones added to the capital letters helps readability and add to the creepiness factor.

10. crAZYSCARYhalLowEeN by JoannaVu

Brand spanking new for 2018, this serif font is an instant classic that is sure to be popular for years to come. Slightly bent and rotated, this font features an all-caps style that can help add to a sense of being slightly off, perfect for those attention-grabbing Halloween materials. This font can be found at fontspace.com.

11. Yataghan by Daniel Midgley 

A brilliant font from an armature designer, this professional looking serif font is available in different sizing, depend on your needs. Elegant and almost sinister, Yataghan has the perfect feel for that classic yet simple gothic look.

12. This Night by Qkila 

When you need more from a font then most are willing to give, turn to This Night by Qkila. Designed by a fabulous tattoo artist, this font has the street cred most fonts lack.

13. Griffin by Bright Ideas

A font with mysterious origins; part hippy, part horror movie, this groovy Serif is perfect for either style or more. Sharp curves and exaggerated angles, and sound design help this font stand out just right for your Halloween mood.

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