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What are the Projected Graphic Trends for 2020?

Graphic Trends

Welcome to that special time of year again, the new year has come and gone, and spring is not quite here. When all the new ideas start to condense and become solid; when the new graphic trends emerge and the designs of the year are beginning. 2020 has started as a bold year, and the emerging trends are showing it. We have created a guide to help you discover the newest graphic trends of 2020.

Color Trends

A bold year deserves bold colors, and this year is full of them, like Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, Classic Blue (hex code 0F4C81), is vibrant and full of life. While Shutterstock pushes the bold Lush Lava (hex code FF4500) as their hot pic, Sherwin Williams has Ripe Olive (hex code 484D3E) at the top of their favorites list. Colors this year continue last year’s trends of bright and contrasting only more of it.

Font Trends

Just like this year’s colors, the trending fonts for 2020 are visually striking and seem to jump off the page. Serif is back in a big way this year, by reinventing itself. Fonts like Factory by LJ Design Studios bring a simplified, clean look to and new design. The organic style is becoming popular among san serif fonts, and the rounded look like Graty Sans by Unflea Studio┬áis one of the hottest around. Don’t call it a throwback, as vintage designs continue to dominate emerging graphic designs, for example, Belmist by The Trending Fonts has a classic, timeless appeal perfect for that retro feel.

Paper and Print Trends

Paper and printing trends are spending the first part of 2020 going in the same direction as the last decade, an overall increase in sales, more emphasis on digital and on-demand printing, along with the addition of bright, colorful paper with custom graphics.

So far, the graphic trends for 2020 are the perfect balance of old and new elements with vibrant colors and simple fonts. The designs of the year seem to offer a modern take on classic ideas.

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