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How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Card

Get the Most Out of Your Business Card

Even during the age of technology and social media, business cards are still one of the most cost effective marketing tools you can have. When you want to make a good first impression, having a well-designed business card is top notch. Business cards are personable and tangible, so people are more likely to take notice and respond. However, for a business card to be successful, potential clients have to keep your business card and not throw it in the trash. Business card printing is fast and easy, so don’t let yourself fall victim to a poorly designed business card.

Are you looking to have standout business cards in NYC? If you want to have an effective, well-designed business card, continue reading to learn how to get the most out your business card.

• Remember the essentials. Your business card needs to include your name, title, phone number, website, and email address. You do want people to be able to contact you, don’t you?
• Make your business card readable. Meaning, do not use a font size so small you need a magnifying glass.
• Your business card should represent what you do. Don’t leave your potential client or a customer scratching their heads trying to figure out what it is that you do.
• Try to keep your business card the standard size. While that oversized business card may stand out from the crowd, it’s not practical. Make sure your business card can fit inside of a wallet.
• Be original and do not copy somebody else’s idea. If your card looks like everyone else’s in your field, you are bound to get lost in the shuffle.
• You want to instill confidence in clients and customers, so don’t be cheap with your cards. Don’t go well outside your budget either, but don’t be so cheap that clients or customers don’t feel confident.
• Depending on your budget and your specific business or brand, you may want to pay extra for the bells and whistles. Remember, being different and innovative is an excellent way to be recognized.
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