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Ways to Get Motivated this Summer

ways to get motivated

Feeling lazy this summer? You are not alone. It has been proven that people lose business motivation during the summer months. However, the business world never stops moving, and it is important to keep up all year round. Because of this, here are some helpful ways to get motivated this summer.

ways to get motivated

Set one goal at a time.

When you feel like you’ve fallen off the motivation train, it is difficult to get back on. Responsibilities feel like they’ve piled up in the blink of an eye and it can feel daunting sifting through everything. Instead, just set one goal at a time. Having a foreseeable completion will keep you motivated to see it to the end. Also, you cannot maintain energy and focus with trying to do more than one goal at the same time. One goal at a time will ensure that you are giving it the amount of effort it needs. As you continue starting and completing your tasks, you will get into a new routine, and it will become easier.

Look for Inspiration.

Inspiration can be found in many places. A good place to look is right on the internet. Search for people with common goals who have achieved what you’re looking to achieve. Let that drive you to accomplish your goals. Other sources of inspiration can be exercising to clear your head, doing something creative, or reading a self-help book. Do what makes you happy and excited for life.

Feel excited.

Speaking of excitement, that is a big motivating factor. Get yourself excited about what you’re looking to accomplish. Take the spark of excitement you feel and build on it until you can’t imagine not meeting your goal.

Bring your goal out into the world.

Type out your goal in big words, print it, and hang it on your wall. Tell your friends and family about your goal. Bringing it out of your mind and into the world will make it feel more real. Bringing a sense of reality to your goal will hold you accountable for fulfilling it.

Set daily reminders.

Thinking about your goal everyday will make it more likely to happen. For this reason, setting daily reminders on your phone or computer are great ways to get motivated and stay motivated. Even spending five minutes a day working on your goal will bring you one step closer to what you want to achieve.

Build a support system.

Steve Jobs wisely put it, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” While it is very difficult to achieve things alone, a solid support system can make all the difference. Look to friends and family that you can lean on for motivation in times of stress. Discuss ideas aloud with people you trust to gain a fresh perspective. There is never anything wrong with asking for help.

Keep going.

Motivation is not constant. In fact, if you’re reading this article, chances are your motivation is currently lacking. It has an ebb and flow like the tide, but it is important to keep going even during low periods. Your motivation will come back; just keep working toward your goal. You’ll get there as long as you don’t give up.

Value small victories.

Accomplishing everything at once is impossible; so value each step, each small victory. Baby steps make all the difference, and they eventually add up to something great. It takes a bit of patience, but each step is part of the journey to your goal.

Rework negative thoughts into positive ones.

Keep tabs on how productive your thoughts are for reaching your goal. If you’re constantly telling yourself, “I can’t do this,” and, “I’m not good enough,” you won’t achieve what you set out to do. On the other hand, saying, “This is going to be difficult at times, but that’s part of excitement. I believe in myself to accomplish this goal,” will keep you motivated and ready for any obstacles that may come your way. As corny as it can be, positive affirmation helps. We promise.

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