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Free Logo Design Tools to Help You Create a Professional Business Logo

Free Logo Design Tools

When it comes to brand identification, you want to have an immediately recognizable image. The logo is the face of your brand, so to be effective, it should accurately convey the personality of your organization. However, you may be operating on a shoestring budget, or you may not have a lot of time and need some assistance. Maybe you have the skills but are looking for ideas and inspiration for a logo design. Thankfully, if you don’t have the resources for a professional logo design, there are many free logo design tools available on the internet.

Coming up with an effective logo design is no easy feat. Luckily these free logo design tools are available for online use to help you come out with your own professional logo.


Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use LogoMakr. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a helpful video that shows you how to use this useful tool. While LogoMakr is a bit limited, this drag and drop interface is straightforward to use. Once your creation is complete, you can download a free PNG version or pay $19 for the high-resolution file.

Adobe Express Logo Creator

Even if your design skills are lacking, with Adobe Express Logo Creator, you can make your own custom professional logo in minutes. You can transform your own uploaded image, or browse around for some design inspiration. Adobe Express even provides logo templates, making it even easier to come up with a logo that accurately represents your brand.

Wix Logo Maker

If you have a brand new business, Wix can be your one-stop-shop. Not only do they offer an easy to use website building tool and a business name generator, but now Wix also offers a logo maker. Wix Logo Maker will automatically create a logo template for you after you answer a few questions. Then from there, you are free to customize nearly every aspect.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design can help you create a business logo in seconds. In five simple steps, you can create and customize your very own logo. No designer or design experience is necessary. You start by describing your business and style, and Free Logo Design will create a logo that suits you. From there you can use their user-friendly editor to edit your logo until you are completely satisfied.


With DesignEvo, you can create your very own custom logo in minutes. A free online logo maker DesignEvo offer’s 10,000+ templates to help aid you in your quest to design a unique business logo. Creating professional looking logos is easy to do with DesignEvo thanks to its straightforward interface. It doesn’t matter if you want to work from a template or start from scratch, DesignEvo can guide you along the way.
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