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Four Hip New Image Trends For Your Next Business Card


Keeping up with the trends is crucial when you live in New York City. The current trends define what we wear, what we say, and now even our business cards. It’s always important to take the current image trends into consideration when choosing how you present your business to clients and other potential business contacts as well. You want to make sure you are attracting the right kind of customer and putting your best foot forward no matter what! So without further ado, here are four hip, new image trends for you to try on your next business card!

Bringing Back The 90s

If you haven’t already noticed from the fashion-forward streets of New York, the 90s are back in a big way and the printing world is no exception! It’s become popular to use pastel tones and mix them up with chunky, yet simple patterns such as wiggly lines and dots. Using photographs as all or part of your business card, particularly the background, is another popular, nostalgic 90s trend you should consider for your next business card.

Non-Traditional Materials and Unique Textures

There is something to be said for mixing it up when it comes to the materials you choose to use for a business card. It’s become very popular to use a mixture of both synthetic and organic textures rather than the typical, go-to of a paper background. People are including everything from marble to latex in their business cards! Plus, using a background material that is more familiar to the viewer helps them to more readily relate to you, because you are using something that is already part of their everyday life.

Keeping It Neat

Don’t be afraid to let your inner neat freak run wild! Another trend we see happening in the printing world is that of keeping your card neat and clean looking. Arranging your logos, images, and words in a grid format within the background not only is esthetically pleasing, but also allows you to showcase certain parts of the card that might otherwise get lost in a fancy design.

Making The Impossible Happen

There’s something about seeing an image that defy’s the laws of gravity that’s very striking and captures the attention, am I right? Floating objects, photoshopped images, and color effects are all things used to trick the eye and are ideal for making sure your business card gets remembered! Though this trend seems to be most often utilized in advertising, it definitely would be just as effective in other industries as well.

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