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Stumped on Fonts? 33 Popular Font Pairings

Font Pairings

It’s typical for a designer to spend a reasonable amount of time deciding on which typefaces to pair up. This process can go rather smoothly, or it can be a painful, drawn-out process. You want to find a pair that works well together, a harmonious union that doesn’t fight your eye for attention, and yet is still visually striking. Overall, this task is probably the most frustrating and time-consuming aspect of any design project since it can be hard to get right. The fact that there are thousands of typefaces currently available doesn’t make the task at hand any easier. There are so many fonts out there that the overall process can make any person feel defeated and exasperated.

Finding a font combination that works can be a difficult feat, and it is not a task to take lightly. To help you find some creative inspiration, check out this handy list of popular font pairings that you can use for your next design project.

1. Athelas and Nimbus Sans Condensed
2. Open Sans and Source Sans Pro
3. Courier New and Montserrat
4. Archivo Narrow and Julius Sans One
5. Cooper Hewitt and Open Sans
6. Minion Pro and Brandon Grotesque
7. Times New Roman and Source Sans Pro
8. Bebas Neue and Sifonn
9. Proxima Nova and Copernicus
10. Kollektif and League Gothic
11. Open Sans Bold and Yellowtail
12. NeutraDemi and Kaufmann
13. Gidole and Kollektif
14. Lusitana and Raleway
15. Super Grotesk and Minion Pro
16. Source Sans Pro and Source Serif Pro
17. Libre Baskerville and League Spartan
18. Museo Sans and Playfair Display
19. Montserrat and Oswald
20. Coustard and Alfa Slab One
21. Quattrocento and Cinzel
22. Georgia and Alternate Gothic
23. Nunito and Cubano
24. Archivo Narrow and Archivo Black
25. Georgia and Proxima Nova
26. Helvetica and Georgia
27. Lora and Rockwell Standard
28. PT Serif and Century Gothic
29. Roboto and Raleway
30. Kollektif and Norwester
31. Garamond and Helvetica
32. Montserrat and Bebas Neue
33. Lato and Libre Baskerville
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