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Finding the Best Fonts for Your Logo Design

Font for Your Logo

When it comes to designing a font for your company’s logo, your selection can make it stand out or make it seem very bland. A great logo design covers all aspects of a brand, and it represents the company’s attitude. It should take into account the type of audience who will see it most. The wrong font can create confusion at best and dismissal at the worst. Fonts should be one of the logo’s most expressive elements. Your audience needs to be able to recognize the attitude and style of your company. Clarity is vital for your marketing efforts to be a success. However, the real challenge is to find the right one for your campaign. There a wide variety of fonts available to choose from online. Many designers and project managers become overwhelmed, taking days, and sometimes weeks to find just the right one. However, with the correct knowledge and insight, we can help you with your selection and feel confident that you have found the right font for your logo.

Here are some helpful tips and guidelines that will help you pick the perfect font for your logo.

• The correct choice of font should be able to represent your company and its values accurately. If mishandled, it can become a waste of valuable resources like time and money. Few companies can afford to spend them on a futile effort. The best way to begin is to identify the purpose of the campaign as well as your primary target audience. The choice of font needs to convey your company’s message. This information is vital and will aid you in your search for the right font.

•Keep in mind when using two different fonts, you must find the right balance between them. Fonts that clash can ruin a perfectly good design, look for fonts that support and complement one another. When juxtaposed correctly, it can ensure that your message comes across clearly. In the past, this was one of the most challenging steps to perform, thankfully now there are lists of complementary font available online.

•One of the most common mistakes made by designers when choosing a font is legibility. It may sound ridiculous, but it happens more than most designers want to admit. Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in a design that you can lose sight of what the audience sees. While standing out from competitors’ designs is essential, you still have to make sure the font and design flow well and are legible in both large and small formats. It’s good to be thinking outside the box, just not outside readability.

•Last but certainly not least is taking into account the design itself. How the logo is designed can help determine which is the best logo. Is the logo’s overall design employing an emblem or symbol, or is a text-based logo the right look? Most fonts and typefaces work very well with one or the other rather than both. A text-based or wordmark should utilize a font that stands out and is unique (consider brands like Coca-Cola and its distinct logo design). For icon and emblem-based designs, toned-downed fonts that do not disrupt and overpower the logo work best.

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