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How to Find Creative Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Find Creative Inspiration

Jack London once said that “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Sometimes the creative process just doesn’t happen by itself. There are the times when you really have to work for it. When creative blocks strike, looking outward can a useful way get the creative ideas flowing again.

The same techniques for finding inspiration which work for artists of all types, can also be applied to the creation of business cards, as well as your other print projects. Here are five unusual places to find creative inspiration for your business card.

1- Look at the interior of your environment

Analyzing your surroundings could provide ideas about the overall look and feel of your business. Literally, every detail can help. What colors are on the walls and floor? What are the details of the furniture? Is the office cluttered or clear and neat. Your business card should be an honest reflection of the company itself. By having a consistent look and feel, you can help your customers feel more comfortable and confident.

2- Watch the trends and the competition

Examining what others in the industry are doing, and looking at the current trends in business cards is very helpful for understanding what works and what does not. You should not plagiarize other designs, but use them to provide the spark for your own original idea. Places to look include Facebook, business card collections, brochures, blogs, and even billboards.

3- Try looking around with your ears

Sounds can also be an excellent way to stimulate the creative process. Ambient sounds can help to describe the work a company does. For example, quiet places could be represented by using an elegant script and using soft color paper. While as a machine shop would probably do better with a bold font and using a high contrast paper. Ask yourself if a particular genre or radio station compliments your company or the customers you want to attract. Matching those styles and trends can help your business attract the just right customers.

4- Turning back to old printed illustrations and picture books.

Vintage children’s literature, past newspapers and old magazines are a reservoir of brilliant artists and designers so use them. Pay careful attention to colors they chose, the typeface(s) they used, and see how they managed to balance the negative space. Not to mention, it can be a lot of fun to take a stroll down memory lane, which can also help in the process.

5- Know when to call for help

Let’s face it not everyone has creative bones. Not everyone needs to be creative, or maybe your having problems with one of your projects. So even if you couldn’t design a stick person, there is hope. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few individuals who specialize in creative design that can help you out. Even if you are creative, and may already have your design in hand, meeting with a professional about your card can give you information that you may not have thought of. Or, they might be able to present options that you had no idea were even possible.

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