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What are the typical turnaround times for standard business cards? -Typically, when you choose one of our templates, and are not looking for any of our unique business cards styles, you can expect a turnaround time of about 24 hours. We will always advise you during the quote process how long your business cards should take. What are the typical turnaround times for creative business cards? -We like to offer many different styles and finishes to accommodate our customers needs. Sometimes this means we have to put extra time just to calibrate a machine to print certain cards. This can make the turnaround time a little longer than just a standard business card. On average, our turn around times can range from about, 24 hours to a week. We will always advise you during your quote for the turnaround time. Do you all have a minimum requirement when ordering business cards?  -The answer to this can depend on all of the different styles we offer. Some designs we can print as low as 250, some designs require 500 because of the way the printing press is set up. We will always let you know up front the minimum you can order depending on style. Does the over all cost of individual sets of cards go down the more I order at one time? -Yes, if you have 5 people needing business cards in your company, and you order them all at the same time, then the overall cost of each individual set will go down. As well, if you decide later on to order one set of business cards, then the price will be higher for an individual set. This is for the fact that we have to re-calibrate our machines for each new job. If you order 5 sets at one time, we will print them all at once, meaning we do not have to re-calibrate our machines except for the initial set-up. Can I place an order online? -We like to be as hands on with all of our customers as we can. Instead of just placing an order and hoping for the best like some online sites, we want to make sure you are satisfied with everything before going to print. After we receive your quote request, we will respond with a quote based on the information provided. How do I get a quote? -There are a couple ways to get a quote. You can browser our business card templates page, select a template closely resembling what you would like. From there, you will fill out some information about your card and we will send you a quote shortly. If you do not see any templates you like feel free to call us or go to our contact page and fill out a brief inquiry and we will respond with either a quote or get some more information so we can accurately quote you. How long does it take to get back a quote? -We will get back in contact with you as soon as possible. It typically takes 15 minutes to get back to a customer when they have attached a template we provide on our site. Sometimes with more complex requests, it can take a little longer. Just know that we will get your quote to you as fast as we can. What is the next step after accepting the quote? -We will next get all of the files together, if a design or logo is needed, that will either be provided by you or we can re-create them with our wonderful graphic design services. From there we will send you proofs to approve. If approved, they will then go into production.

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