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Is Print Dead? Reasons to Embrace Print in a Digital World

is print dead

In the midst of of digital dominance, is print dead? The short answer: no, it is alive and well. There are many reasons to embrace print in a digital world. Although the digital world seems to have taken over, there is still a place for print marketing in brand awareness.

In fact, the integration of  both print and digital marketing in your strategy will be the most effective yet. Make the most of each channel to build hybrid programs that spark attention, promote your brand, and increase demand for your services. 

Double the media channels, double the advertising strength.

Instead of seeing it as digital or print, look at them as a combined effort. By combining the two, you will actually strengthen your overall marketing efforts. Brand loyalty doubles when it is encountered in multiple senses.

Foster relationships offline; strengthen them online.

is print dead

Because of our specialization, Japan Print knows the best example of this is the business card. During a meeting or event, handing out your business card marks the beginning of a business relationship. That being said, connecting online afterward helps ensure the relationship is maintained. Online brand presence creates synchronicity in professional connections despite physical hurdles such as long-distance and mismatch schedules.

Beyond the business card, other print materials such as brochures, flyers, and postcards are very useful for both established and developing companies. Brochures and flyers offer a practical and concise way for brands to communicate important information to customers. Meanwhile, customized postcards are great to send a greeting or thank you note while keeping visual consistency in the brand. Postcard printing requires certain techniques for an optimal product, which is something we offer to our customers as a professional printer located in Manhattan.

Supercharge your social media…with print.

is print dead

This may appear as an unlikely pair, but print and social media can work together symbiotically. Attractive and stimulating print marketing guides fans of the brand to check out your social media platforms. Conversely, your social media followers will feel encouraged to pay attention to your print campaigns.

It is more cost-effective than ever before.

is print dead

Over the years, the quality of digital printing has become much higher and easily rivals the quality of offset printing, while also costing much less. At Japan Print, we offer high-quality digital printing at a reasonable price.

Print is a breath of fresh air.

As it is used less, print marketing has become unique again. In a digital world, print stands out.

There’s always a place for print in branding and design.

is print dead

No matter how prevalent digital media becomes, people’s’ love of flipping through a beautiful piece of print has still remained a fixture. Despite the world moving in a digital direction, print is still one of the most emotionally impactful mediums. The tangibility of the design in your marketing campaign generates a sense of credibility. When it feels more “real”, there is a stronger emotional reaction, which creates a deeper impression is left on the brain.


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