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6 Easter Design Tips and Tricks

Easter Design Tips

With Easter a hop, skip and a jump away, many designers are completing projects that are Easter themed in celebration of the holiday. While the thought of this may intimidate some, or bore others, there are ways to make this project an enjoyable and creative one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a poster, envelopes, brochures, business cards, postcards or flyers, there are ways to represent the spirit of the holiday without looking tacky.

Read on to learn some Easter design tips and tricks that are sure to make your project or promotion stand out this holiday season.

1. Utilize foil stamping in order to make your project look professional and to make your design stand out and pop, especially when used in conjunction with pastel colors. In order to give your design contrast use silver foiling with pastel blues and greens, and use gold foiling with pastel yellows.
2. Candy, bunnies, and eggs are not the only items associated with Easter, so when you are designing material, these are not the only elements you have to choose from. You can also use birds, butterflies and flowers such as tulips, daisies, daffodils, chrysanthemums, azaleas, as well as lilies.
3. Even though pastel colors are the norm for the holiday, that is not all you have to use. Remember, spring offers other effervescent colors that you can utilize, such as dark green, bright orange, and vibrant red.
4. Get creative with your work by having it die-cut into an Easter-themed shape. You can die-cut your project into the shape of an Easter basket, an egg, a flower, a bunny, or even candy!
5. Additionally, to add your finishing touch, you should look into free Easter themed fonts. Read our previous article to get some inspiration. We can cut your work in half by showing you where you can download free Easter themed fonts for your project.
6. Keep it simple and subtle, as this will help ensure that the finished product is salient and effective. One way to do this is to be mindful of your negative (white) space. This will give you the neat, professional look that you are searching for.

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