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Don’t Just Survive New York Fashion Week… OWN IT!

It’s that time of year again. Models are flooding the streets of Manhattan, dwellers are dressed to the nines and New Yorkers are seemingly more cheeky than usual. New York Fashion Week is taking over. As a New Yorker, you can view this in one of two ways: angry because the subways are especially delayed this week, or stoked to get your networking game on with new eager faces. We choose the latter.


The first step is getting in.

With an overwhelming number of expert networkers and socialite extraordinaires, the competition for admittance can be the tough. Like any industry, you can be the most talented person in the world, but getting picked up is all about fostering relationships. If you’re a regular customer of a particular well known department store or boutique, or have a strong preference for a designer that the store carries, the sales associate can sometimes find ways to get you into a New York show.

If you are an American Express cardholder, there are ways to get in – as they have a long standing relationship with NYFW. Start putting your feelers out and get creative.

First impression is everything. What will you wear?

You might be thinking… with all of these fashion icons around me what is the point? But the truth is, it doesn’t even matter what industry you belong to. Your outfit could make or break your next job, deal and/or partnership. Dress like you care – because while you might not see the difference, they will. Choose your outfits ahead of time… so you can focus on what you are there to do… BUSINESS.

At the forefront of Fashion Week is technology.

The fashion world is a high-pace industry. Make sure that your devices are in order and ready to be utilized to their utmost potential – your contacts, photo space, calendar, notepad and obviously Instagram. Most importantly, MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHARGED UP. The last thing you’d want is your devices to die half way through the event. Consider investing in a wireless charger.

The marvelous use of paper.

The greatest part about NYFW is that you will be meeting people all day long. Don’t pass up this opportunity to get your name and brand out there. This can be done through any type of printed tangible collateral. Be creative and concise. People don’t like carrying around massive portfolios. Having a different image on each business card is a great way to keep a small portfolio in your pocket at all times, especially during Fashion Week!

Designer Georgia Hardinge suggests keeping business cards on a keychain. “During fashion week, buyers and press hate carrying around large booklets and paperwork as it gets very heavy, so I decided these little key ring photographs would be perfect to slip into their pockets!” she said.

Who knows who you will meet? Need a quick revamp? Japan Print has your back for your NYFW needs.

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