Design Inspiration to Promote a Wellness Brand

Each type of industry has a unique design and branding strategy that best promote it. For example, you likely won’t use the same color scheme and imagery for a big technology corporation and a health food brand. In order to promote a health and wellness brand, there are specific aspects you can put in place to cultivate a brand identity that people are attracted to. Here is some design inspiration to promote a wellness brand identity.

Calming Color Scheme

When choosing colors for your brand design, utilize calming blues, pastels, earth tones, and crisp white. “Dusty” version of colors give a feeling of serenity, while white brightens and cleans up many designs. Exact color schemes will vary based on your product or service, but it is important to ensure you color choices bring life to your brand.

Encouraging Words

A health and wellness brand thrives on encouraging words that empower their customers. People looking to change their health habits will react positively to friendly motivation in your messaging.

Tranquil Images

An overarching theme of wellness brands is “inner-peace”. This can be conveyed with imagery the represents tranquility and meditation. Images that showcase self-reflection can prove very powerful as a way to inspire people to look within themselves and take charge of their health.

Utilize Nature

Continuing with tranquil imagery, photos of nature convey that theme very well. Additionally, photos of nature in design represent purity, beauty, reflection, hydration, holistic health, and authenticity – all of which are themes that coincide with the health and wellness industry.

Trends in the Industry

In today’s market, wellness brands are skyrocketing in popularity among consumers. People are becoming more concerned with their well-being, giving health-conscious brands the opportunity to thrive. Especially within the food, beauty, and fitness industries, natural products are booming in sales. With platforms like Instagram, photos of beautiful food and natural skin care are trends dominating in pop culture, which should definitely be utilized when cultivating your own wellness brand.

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