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Tips for Your Next Business Card Design

Design a Business Card

When utilized correctly, one of the most essential marketing tools for any company is a good business card design. The key to having a great card is designing one that stands out and ‘pops’ while keeping the correct business card etiquette. The best way to get a follow up from a customer is to avoid it being forgotten about and tossed away. Keep in mind, even the smallest detail matters when it comes to visual marketing. It is crucial to make sure your business card does its job and can engage your potential audience. Having a good design is essential when it comes time to spend money on printing to keep from wasting the investment. We have compiled a list of helpful advice and tips to help you ensure that your next business card design will have a positive impact on sales and return on investment.

Tips To Help You Design a Business Card That Stands Out

• Make sure to include your handle name when using social media platforms so customers can easily find your business. Many people maintain and find new contacts on social media. Simplifying is a great way to help people find you.
• Even if you are managing several companies, providing a single contact phone number and directing calls to one place is a good idea. By doing this, it can make communications and logistics less complicated and helps things move smoothly.
• If you happen to have a type of business that doesn’t allow for public contact, then it is really unnecessary to list your physical address. Many modern companies conduct business only online, so it is okay to leave it out in these cases. If needed, it can still be included on your website.
• Another vital element that can make or break a design is choosing the right font for your card. Having a basic legible font that is easy to read can help ensure that your message comes across clearly. The best practice is to utilize fonts and design elements that you are already using; that way, the card accurately represents the current look of other visual marketing projects. If choosing a new or different font, make sure to find one that complements the company’s esthetic style.
• Its always a good idea to pay attention to the print resolution. It can be disastrous to end up with a logo or design that is badly pixelated printed on your cards. To ensure that your business cards look top-notch, always double-check that a high-resolution copy of your logo is available. You don’t want to need it and not have one available when printing.
• If you plan on including a headshot, try to hire a professional photographer and be sure to smile. If hiring outside help is out of the question, make sure to use a good camera. Using pictures from a smartphone is alright for personal social media accounts, but looks too amateurish for professional use.
• Lastly but certainly not least, don’t discount the impact of the paper that you choose to print your cards on. Selecting the incorrect paper can spell disaster no matter how much effort is put into the design. This is truly a decision not to take lightly; in fact, every element needs to be considered. Factors such as thickness and surface features can significantly impact the durability, cards that tear or smudge look cheap and will be treated that way. In the end, your card’s design should reflect your business and is still one of the best ways to reach potential consumers.
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